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What are the video apps on Swagbucks and how do I get them?

Unfortunately for new Swagbucks users, one of the most profitable ways to make easy money on Swagbucks isn’t in fact promoted well by them.

While surveys and offers are all very well, by far the easiest and best money maker on Swagbucks if you don’t want to spend lots of time staring at a screen is the video apps.

There are 5 video apps for iPhone and 7 for Android.

You can get the Android ones here: Swagbucks apps for Android – this is what you are looking for:

You can get the iPhone ones here: Swagbucks apps for iPhone – this is what you are looking for:
For more info on running the apps, read this post.
They do take a while to run, but (at least on Android for me) don’t need ‘babysitting’ so it’s easy Swagbucks for nothing.
Don’t want your phone tied up all day? I bought a cheap Android phone just to run the apps – it cost me £20 and has paid for itself in no time.
Remember, read this post too for more info on the Swagbucks video apps.
And you can join Swagbucks here – on Android, if all you do is run the apps every day, that’s guaranteed money every month!


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