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Your pre-registration checklist. Things you should do before signing up to survey sites.

ChecklistSo, you’d like to start earning on survey sites.

Here are some things that I recommend you do before you get started.

1) Do your research!

ittingbooksCheck which sites are legitimate and good earners (asking people is a great first step).

There are loads of sites out there, many are legitimate, some are scams.  Some are good earners, many are slow earners.  Lots of websites have written reviews about the sites and there are many groups on Facebook where you can find out which sites are good.

2) Can you get money for signing up?

10219955-275734153_19-s4-v1Check if there are any referral programs where you can get a bonus for signing up through someone’s link.

Using a referral link costs you nothing.  Often, referral links give YOU a bonus as well as your referrer so there’s really no reason not to use one.

A word of warning: If a person (or group/page owner) answers your questions about survey sites with a bunch of referral links, it’s likely they don’t actually use the sites and just earn from referrals.  They are unlikely to offer you any advice or support on using the sites and just leave you to flounder.

Choose your referrer carefully.  Find someone who is willing to offer you ongoing support and advice and use their links as then you’ll be giving them a little money for their time.

P.S. If you like my blog posts and find them useful please consider using my links.  It’s the only payment I get for blogging & helping people out in our Facebook group.  If you use one of my links feel free to message me via my Facebook page for more help and advice.

3) Decide what email address you’re going to use.

10216527-275734153_19-s4-v1I recommend creating a new email address (gmail is recommended) specifically to use for all these sites.

This helps you keep all your regular stuff separate from survey stuff, and any spam will go to the survey address (though 99.99% is caught by the spam filter).

4) Don’t start too many sites at once!

sobusyMany people start loads of sites and then give up because they become overwhelmed.  My advice is to start with one or two sites.  Once you’ve got the hang of those, start another.

Slowly add to your inventory until you’re comfortable with what you’re doing.

I only use a few sites on a daily basis.  I started with several, gave most of them up (they were too slow and frustrating for my liking) and then slowly added in one here and there until I reached a level where I was happy.

5) Join a group for support.

9073901-275734153_19-s4-v1Search Facebook for country specific survey groups.  While generic groups can be useful, earning opportunities vary wildly from country to country.  Therefore, you’re likely to receive the best advice from a country specific group.

Swagbucks only groups:

6) Don’t get discouraged!

giveupBe prepared to get disqualified from a lot of surveys! Once you get used to how the sites work, you should get disqualified less often.

Many of the sites aren’t just surveys, there are other ways to earn too, so don’t get frustrated and give up just because one part of the site isn’t working amazingly for you when you start.

Also, just because a site works amazingly for some people doesn’t mean that it will for you.  Some people just don’t get on with some sites.  If you’ve tried and you’re not managing, leave that site for a while and try something else.

If you’re thinking of giving GPT sites a go,
click here to see the sites that I recommend!


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