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Making more space on the Vodafone Smart 7

Lots of people in our Facebook group are buying the Vodafone Smart First 7 Android phone in order to be able to get the 7 Swagbucks video apps and be able to earn  up to 140sb a day. It’s also great if you want to be able to free up your main phone as the apps can take a few hours to run. At the time of writing the phone is just £14.99 so well worth it to make around £30 a month from the video apps.

I’ll do a full review of this phone in a future blog post, but one of the main complaints is the lack of storage space on the phone, and with just 8gb of space, the seven Swagbucks apps pretty much max it out unless you delete some of the pre installed apps on the phone, which you really don’t need (you won’t want to use this phone as your main phone, trust me!)

But, thanks to the fab Bobbie Marie Kelloway in our Facebook group, we can show you a video of how to remove the things you don’t need. Thanks Bobbie Marie! (You can show your appreciation to Bobbie Marie by joining Swagbucks via her referral link or thanking her in the group.)

Click here to view the video:

Once you’ve deleted all the extras, this really is a fab little phone for the price – I’ve managed to get all 7 Swagbucks apps, CC Cleaner, EngageMeTV app and still have room to spare.
Let us know how you got on in the Facebook group, and if you don’t have the phone yet, buy it now to increase your earning power!


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