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Quidco Snow Me The Money game – how to play

This is a guest post by Naina Clayton, a member of our UK Swagbucks & More Facebook Group – pop into the group to say thank you and please consider using her referral link below.

Here’s how to play the new Quidco game. Competition runs until 23 November 2017
First of all if you are not registered for Quidco, you need to sign up.
Then you need to use a browser, doesn’t matter if on phone or pc, you must use a browser for the game. A browser means Internet explorer, google chrome, firefox, etc
1. Log into Quidco and at the bottom of your page you should see a banner. As so many are playing, it is taking a while to load for some.
2. Click on opt in.  Once you have opted in, you can just click on play now daily.
3. Read the daily clue, or cheat and look for a post on this group with the answers. You get 2 chances.
4. Click on the x in the corner to close the banner.
5. Go hunt the answers by searching on the quidco search button.
6. When you find the retailer, click through to the quidco cashback page.
7. In theory, it should pop up with a winning page. I can’t show you one as already played. It MAY NOT be a cash prize. It may only be an entry into the prize draw. Don’t moan. You have 2 chances to play everyday.
8. Nothing popped up? Don’t know what you won?
Go back to the banner at the bottom of the page. Click on play now. Click on prize board.
9. It will tell you your winnings so far, you may have a cash prize on the left,or you may only have draw entries
10. When and how will you get paid?
Super Draw prizes as follows:
1st place – £5,000 cash
Instant Win prizes as follows: £50 x 50 = £2,500 / £25 x 100 = £2,500 / £10 x 250 = £2,500 / £5 x 500 = £2,500 / £1 x 2500 = £2,500 / 50p x 5000 = £2,500 / 20p x 12,500 = £2,500 / 10p x 25,000 = £2,500
Instant win cash prizes will be allotted to the accounts of winning members by 24 December 2017
Good luck one and all.
My referral if you haven’t signed up yet
You will receive £4 once you have earnt £5
You get paid via bacs, paypal, vouchers, etc
I have been doing this for over 8 years and have earned £712.16
Let us know in the Facebook group if you win!

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