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Swagbucks video apps are no longer available

Please note – this is an old blog post. Swagbucks no longer offer the video apps, so any earning opportunities mentioned below are no longer viable. Please visit the GPT Genies Facebook group for any questions or updates on video apps.


7k comp - blogToday we’ll be focusing on the SB TV app, the second app in my list of 7. This app is currently only available for Android devices.

Currently, you can earn 10 SB from each app from 8am GMT (midnight PT) – 2am GMT (6pm PT), and another 10 SB per app between 2am GMT and 8am GMT.  If you get bonus rounds, you could earn even more.

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Download the SB TV app here:


Once you’ve downloaded the app, sign in with your Swagbucks details.

SB TV only contains videos.  This makes it easy and simple to use.

When watching videos on SB TV we recommend going to the Home & Garden section as there are several 10 second videos there which can make your viewing time shorter. Add those videos to favourites and then let the videos run until the app says you’ve reached your total for the day.  Sometimes you may get bonus rounds, these are great and will add to your daily earnings.

You can see how to use SB TV below.

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Hannah’s helping hand:


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