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Are you ready for Stealth Swagcodes?

From the Swagbucks blog – we’re getting Stealth codes in the UK!

I bet some of you consider yourself to be Swagbucks experts. You might even consider yourself a Swagbucks ninja! After all ninjas are savvy, agile, and mindful all while exhibiting a zen-like calm. Most of all, ninjas are known for being stealthy. That’s why we are proud to bring to you, Stealth Codes!
Stealth Codes are all new type of Swag Code and this is how they work:
  1. We’ll post a hint on on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social channel we use to let you know about all things Swagbucks. This is where you’ll learn which page to visit in order to find the code.
  2. The Stealth Code will be clearly visible on that page so just copy the code and paste it into the Swag Code box.
  3. Do a happy dance, you’ve got your SB!
It’s important to note that the Stealth Codes will be one-time use only unique Swag Codes. That means the Stealth Codes you find can only be redeemed once so be careful not to share them.
Please do not share stealth codes in the UK Swagbucks & More Facebook group

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