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Banned from surveys on Swagbucks? Here’s what you can do instead

Unfortunately for some, not giving the same answers on prescreening questions on some of the Swagbucks’ survey providers is causing people to be banned from taking Gold Surveys.

It’s easy to panic when this happens, but trust me, you don’t have to.

In the first instance – ticket the issue to Swagbucks. If you’re sure you’ve given the same answers each time and have been 100% truthful, it’s definitely worth ticketing. In some instances the ban has been removed immediately, in others it has taken a few days or weeks, but keep at it. Make sure you respond to the automated email you will receive when ticketing, and it should go without saying, be polite and courteous rather than outraged and angry. It’s also worth posting a public post on their UK Swagbucks Facebook page.

But what can you do while waiting for the ban to be lifted? Thankfully there are a few options open to you.

If it’s surveys you want, then there are a few other places on Swagbucks you can find them.

Peanut Labs surveys

Even when banned from Gold Surveys, you can still do Peanut Labs ones. You can find these in a few places. On the Android app, you will find them under the Discover tab. On the website you will find them when you click on Gold surveys. If you’re on iOS I would suggest using the Chrome browser (not the Safari one) to access the website and view the desktop version. They can also be found under the Discover tab on the Peanut Labs wall. The good thing about PL surveys is that they still tick off the Gold Survey section of your to do list, and you still get 1sb if disqualified.

Revenue Universe

Viewing Revenue Universe via a laptop / desktop or desktop version on your phone should give you the option of quite a few surveys. You’ll find the Revenue Universe wall in the Discover section. Unfortunately you will probably be disqualified for a lot of them, but they’re still worth checking out. They don’t, however, tick off the to do list. Read this post to find out how to access Revenue Universe. 

TrialPay surveys

Again under the Discover tab, but won’t tick off the to do list.

It’s always worth checking the other Discover walls too as they often have surveys on there. They might not tick off your to do list but they might help you reach your goal.

But it’s not just about surveys!

There are many other things to do on Swagbucks to get SB, and it’s possible to make good money without even looking at a survey. The following 2 posts should help you to make the most of Swagbucks without relying on surveys:
Also check out Hannah’s great post on guaranteed earnings from Swagbucks – definitely worth a read.
Have you been banned from Gold Surveys on Swagbucks? Come and let us know in the UK Swagbucks & More Facebook group – we feel your pain!
Not on Swagbucks yet? Give it a go – I very rarely do surveys and made over £4000 in 2017 from this and other GPT (get paid to) sites and apps


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