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Do YOU have what it takes?

Dear Valued Members of our Facebook group,

As the group grows bigger, we (your admins) are looking for some people to help out with managing the group so we are opening applications for group moderators.

These will not be permanent positions.  Every two weeks we will choose two people to act as group moderators.  There is a possibility that we will (one day) make these positions permanent so, if you are chosen, please treat this as a trial period.

There is no payment for being a moderator.  However, as approving posts will be one of your responsibilities, you will have the chance to get your links in first (when appropriate and acceptable according to the rules).

If you think that you have the time and energy to help out, and think that you are suitable for the job, please read the list of responsibilities below and then, if you’re eligible, complete the application form.


  • Over 18’s only
  • Must be a resident of the UK or Ireland (includes Isle of Man, Channel Islands etc)
  • Must have a good working knowledge of the main GPT sites used in the group

Responsibilities of a group moderator:

  • Know and keep to the group rules
  • Approve/reject posts
  • Approve/reject members
  • Monitor the group and ensure that members follow the rules and keep things pleasant
  • Tag rule breakers in the rules post
  • Help out in the group by offering advice and answering questions
  • Provide links to admin blogs when relevant
  • Ensure all members of the team are aware if a problem arises
  • Keep group information confidential

If you think you can do all the above, please apply for the position.

Apply here!

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