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Earn guaranteed SB every day on Swagbucks! ** Updated

** Update – the Video apps are no longer worth 50/70SB – please read this post for updated values. Toolbar TV is also running at around 3/4 SB per day at the moment. Deal of the Day no longer has a 1SB value. **

January is a dismal month for GPT sites, especially for those who prefer to earn passively, but don’t fear! On Swagbucks there are guaranteed ways to earn each day.

Granted, these won’t make you rich but they’ll help you hit your goal (the important thing if you want that bonus each month) and until the ads, surveys, and offers pick up these will keep you going.

1 – Video Apps – 50 or 70 SB

sbappsDo you have a mobile or a tablet?  Install the Swagbucks Video Apps and play them every day to earn 50 SB on iPhone or 70 SB on Android.

Learn how to use the apps and find download links here.

If you want a cheap Android phone to run the apps on, check out the Vodaphone Smart First 7* phone.   It soon pays for itself.

2 – Play – 10 SB

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 21.44.11If you have a laptop/desktop you can earn 10 SB every single day just by playing a game.  Easy peasy!

See how to do that here!

3 – Toolbar TV – 5 SB

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 22.16.10 ToolbarTV, otherwise known as SwagButton watch, is generally more reliable than the main Swagbucks watch.  It’s an easy way to earn 5 SB if you have a device on which you can leave it running.

Find it here or open it via the Swagbutton.

4 – To Do List clicks – 3 SB


The To Do List offers 3 guaranteed SB a day.  Just complete the daily poll, Daily Crave, and click on Deal of the Day.  Simple!

See more about the To Do List here!

Other easy things to try

These aren’t guaranteed like the 4 above but they’re easy so they’re worth a try.

  1. Swag Code – Set up alerts for the daily Swag Code.  If you enter it in time you’ll get a few SB.
  2. nCraves – Unlike the daily nCrave, these aren’t always there.  However, when they are, they’re a great way to earn a little extra.
  3. Survey DQ’s – These may be the bane of your life but sometimes that extra 1-5 SB can make the difference between hitting your goal or not.
  4. Peanut Labs Survey DQ’s – Same as 3 but surveys from PL.  I would advise trying to get the 5 SB from Gold Surveys first as PL DQ’s count towards that 5 but are unlimited afterwards.
  5. Search – Default your search to Swagbucks and try to search through it every time.  You can win up to 4 times a day and those extra SB are hella useful on slow days.

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