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How to get around the dreaded eCode 20 on InstaGC and Swagbucks

If you’ve been on InstaGC for any length of time, you’re sure to have come across the dreaded “Ecode 20” that appears on Playlist 4 & 6 videos from time to time. It’s what they call a ‘soft ban’ and can last anything from a few hours to a few weeks. No-one knows for sure why it happens, and there’s nothing you can do to avoid it unfortunately. It can also affect Toolbar TV on Swagbucks.

BUT, all is not lost – there are a few things to try – work your way through this list and see if one of them works for you:

1) Clear your cache and cookies

Installing something like CC Cleaner on your laptop/PC makes this process easy. I run CC Cleaner at the beginning and end of every day, sometimes more often. It’s a good thing to do anyway to ensure tracking works on offers that you do.

2) Restart your router

Sometimes restarting your router resets your IP address, which removes the soft ban. You may be lucky and just have to switch it off and on again, or you may have to leave it switched off overnight, but it’s definitely worth a try.

3) Use your phone data (tether your laptop/PC)


This one usually works where others don’t. Create a wi-fi hotspot on your phone (it should be in the settings somewhere) – this asks you to name the hotspot and should give you a password. Go to your PC/laptop and disconnect from your house wi-fi. Look in your wi-fi connections list and find the hotspot you created. Connect to that and then start up playlists 4 and 6. Wait until they are running a video, not an ad, and then reconnect to your home wi-fi. This should allow you to run the videos with no problem. Note that you will have to redo this step as each playlist ends it’s run.

4) Use your phone data as a last resort

If all else fails, try running th videos on your phone data. This is only advisable if you have unlimited data as the videos do use a lot.

Hopefully one of the above will work for you. I found that after a day of doing step number 3, I also got e20 on my phone data. However, I used my partner’s phone to create a new hotspot and continued through that, so there is usually a work around 🙂

Have you successfully gotten around an e20 soft ban? Come and let us know how in the UK Swagbucks & More Facebook group!

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