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How to request desktop version of a site – Android

Some things on Swagbucks and other sites can only be seen by requesting the desktop version of the site. It’s often not enough simply to visit the site in your phone browser, and one extra step is needed.

Here’s how to request the desktop version of the site on my HTC M8s – yours should be similar/

First, visit the website as usualy through your phone browser – this could be an internet icon, Chrome, Safari or something else – however you usually access website.

Then click on the 3 dots top right:

A drop down menu should appear, from which you should see something about choosing the desktop version of the site (your wording may vary):

Click this and you should see the site as if you were looking at it on a desktop or laptop, as opposed to the mobile version. This often allows you to see parts of the site you can’t normally view on a  phone. A good example of this is the Revenue Universe wall on Swagbucks.

Hopefully this will help you to do more on Swagbucks and other sites!

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