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InstaGC Minitip – bookmark Tap Research for quick and easy points

A great way to earn points for InstaGC is to be disqualified from Tap Research surveys. Although you only get 2 points per DQ, those points soon add up and it’s a quick and easy way to build up points.

The problem is, Tap Research surveys don’t always show in your survey options.

A quick and easy way around this is to bookmark the Tap Research page when you DO have it, so you can go directly to it in future.

To do this, you need to navigate to your surveys page (under ‘Earn’) when Tap Research IS showing.

Click on Tap Research and BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE bookmark that page (on mobile you can ‘add to desktop’ as a shortcut).

Once you have it bookmarked, just complete the Tap Research options you have, as usual.

You’ll find that in an hour or so, when you navigate to your surveys page, you probably won’t have Tap Research available:

Simply click on your bookmark / shortcut to go directly to Tap Research:

You won’t have surveys there all the time, but I’m finding that 3 out of 4 times I click on my shortcut, there are 2 or 3 surveys I can click on – my aim is to be DQ and get the 2 points, yours might be to complete the surveys (I find them very low paying and not worth the time but your mileage may vary). Either way it’s a quick and easy way to get surveys you wouldn’t usually see.
Hopefully this will help you to get those few extra points each day that might make a difference!
Not on InstaGC? I find it a great way to earn between £70 – £100 a month simply by running videos, completing the odd short survey and, of course, those all important DQ points from Tap Research 😉 Join me now to get started!

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  • sharri woods

    I don’t know what you do but geography is not your forte!!. I get to Tap Research and can’t d the surveys as it states “I am not located near my postal code”!!!!! Really? I think I know after 20 years where I live and what my postal code or zip code is. I have tried to impart this nformation to this site but you just don’t comprehend. Then informed that I need to update my profile–this, too, has been done. Reading comprehension is also not in your wheel wagon so to speak


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