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The Dos and Don’ts of registering with, and using, Swagbucks (and other GPT sites)

If you’re thinking about signing up to some GPT sites, or have just signed up to one, make sure you read this post to ensure you’re doing things correctly. There are lots of simple mistakes you can make that will scupper you before you get started and this list should help you avoid those irritations.

The Dos and Don’ts of Registering

DO: create a new email address to use for GPT sites

DON’T: use your main email address

DO: sign up (to Swagbucks) on the website

DON’T: sign up via the Swagbucks app

DO: sign up with an email address

DON’T: sign up with your Facebook information (Swagbucks)

DO: see if there’s a referral link or other link which can earn you a bonus by using it to sign up

DON’T: use a link from someone who won’t/can’t help you after you use it

The Dos and Don’ts of using GPT sites

DO: have a look around the site/app before you start earning

DON’T: try to take your first surveys on the Swagbucks app

DO: ask for advice before you start

DON’T: get discouraged when you get disqualified from many surveys

DO: be persistent, try as many surveys as you can

DON’T: take surveys on the Swagbucks app or Answer app (unless you have to for a Swago etc)

DO: get yourself into a daily routine

DON’T: give up if something doesn’t work. Just try something else or ask others what’s working for them

DO: join a group, or forum, for support

DON’T: break the site/apps T’s and C’s

DO: view it as something extra

DON’T: rely on your GPT earnings for income

DO: try a variety of sites/apps

DON’T: get bogged down by using too many (especially when you start)

DO: try a variety of ways to earn

DON’T: just do surveys

DO: use both a mobile/tablet and a laptop (if you can)

DON’T: run videos unless you have unlimited WiFi

DO: have fun with it

DON’T: get stressed out

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