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Looking for referrals for GPT sites? Step 1 – writing an ad

Referrals can be the life blood of your earnings 

In this and future posts I’m going to explain and hopefully help you to make the most of referrals..

We’re going to cover various things, starting with:

  • Writing different types of ads
  • Where to find referrals
  • Using social media to best effect
  • ‘Alternative’ places to find referrals
  • Keeping your referrals engaged
  • Why referrals don’t earn
  • and more!

I’ll try and keep the ‘business speak’ to a minimum, but let’s face it, when we’re using GPT (Get Paid To) sites, we ARE effectively running our own businesses, and we need to treat it as such, so basic business practices do apply.



Take it slowly.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. We’re going to start with basics, and I know it’s tempting to race ahead and start posting your ref links willy nilly – please don’t.

Take each post as a lesson or aid and complete it to it’s fullest in so much as you can.


Today we’re going to talk about writing ads.

The basis of any ad campaign is, of course, the ad itself. When talking about sites such as Swagbucks, InstaGC etc, there are 2 main types of ads:
  • ads that are purely selling, such as those we’d post in job groups ad selling groups, put on classified websites or print on leaflets
  • ads that are response based, focused on replying to people who have asked for help

Today we’re going to write ads for the main sites we want to get referrals for, so the first type of ad.

A decent ad needs to be engaging (have the right message), be timely (posted at the right time when someone needs what you are offering), be believable (easily proven) and be relevant (reach the right person). It also needs to be niche (not just a generic ad)

So what makes a good GPT ad?

  • Make it believable – don’t make wild claims you can’t prove
  • Make it relevant – make sure the relevant info is in there
  •  Make it niche – one ad does not fit all, I’d definitely suggest writing different ads for the different sites you use.

Here’s an example of just one ad I used in 2017 that gained me over 700 referrals on Swagbucks alone::


Not long now until Christmas!

Would an extra £500 help you out? Working less than an hour a day (I average about 25 minutes) on just one of the survey sites I use you could easily be making £100+ a month – Paypal, Amazon vouchers, New Look vouchers and more.

NOT JUST SURVEYS – lots of potential for passive income that doesn’t involve hours staring at a screen.

Sign up now at (ref link) then PM me for details of a group that will help you to make at least £100 just from this site alone.

No outlay, no previous knowledge needed, just a willingness to (l)earn 😉


It’s timely – focused on Christmas (you could focus on holidays, house decorating, weddings, families, whatever)

It’s believable (I post screenshots of my earnings with it)

It explains what people need to do and how long it could take

It also offers more help (something we’ll go into in later days on this course.

Your job today is to write a similar ad for each of your survey sites. NOT the same ad with the details changed. Shoppix is different to Swagbucks which is different to ReceiptHog etc. Each site needs it’s own ad.

Today’s homework may well take you more than a day – stick with it, it’s fundamental to your campaigns.


Home work for today.

  • Start a Word document, notepad file, post it note, whatever, to store your ads on
  • Write headlines for each ad/site ad work from there
  • Or write the ad and worry about the headline later
  • Take screengrabs to prove your earnigs (delete any identifying info)
  • Send your ad to me if you want a critique
  • Pop over to the Facebook Group and post if you found this useful

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