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10 Easy Offers on InstaGC – February 2018

Guest Post by Nicky Hornsby

Inspired by Jennifer’s post on 10 Easy Discovers on Swagbucks, I wanted to share what has worked for me the last 14 days to credit on InstaGC.

Even though InstaGC doesn’t have a goal like SB, I have my own personal goal, £2.50 a day which works out to around 304 points (if you redeem Mastercard).  I look for offers that are passive like the videos, ones I can do quickly, offers that I can do on the go or at work.

Some of these offers are more points on other walls but these are the ones that have actually credited without having to chase them. My husband and I chose different walls to see which ones would credit and which wouldn’t and these are our top 10.

War Robots

War Robots

AdWall – Android – 22.22
OfferToro – iPhone – 28.00

15 minutes of work to get level 5 though found the controls easier on the iPhone, so took a little less time on that.

Portal Quest

AdWall – Android – 118.34

Took me about 25 minutes to get to the level 10 but a very simple game to do.


TrippingAdWall – 14.49

1 minute to search. Seems to work better on phones than laptop when it comes to crediting.


Timebucks – 5.20

3 minutes just sign up with your Facebook credentials.  This offer is desktop only but may work on a phone if you request desktop mode.

Credited in 5 minutes.

Harvest Land

Harvest Land

AdGate Rewards (Android or iPhone) – 25.00

On and off took a day but didn’t spend to long on it. Need to reach level 10.

POP! Slots – Free Vegas Casino Slot Machine Games

AdGate Rewards POP Slots

AdGate Rewards (Android or iPhone) – 25.00

Takes about 25 minutes to finish level 8 but if you put it on autospin you don’t have to watch it and I never ran out of coins.

Food Street

Food Street

AdGate Rewards (Android or iPhone) – 29.00

Seemed easier on iPhone than on Android. Took a day on and off to get to level 14. Just make sure that you don’t run out of things to plant, always plant your last seed instead of using it in food. It just make things go quicker and I use all my diamond up in the last 3 levels to speed things up.

Sun Bingo

OfferToro – 7.00

Just install and open, took 3 minutes to credit

Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile

AdGate Rewards: 414 – iOS, 313 – Android

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Final FantasyOfferToro – iOS – 522.00

The big one! This took a few days to complete but is well worth it, especially if you are new to InstaGC.

This offer when it credits, it’ll be frozen for 14 days, will get you into the surveys and minute staff etc without doing too much work.

My advice is build up your mines, farms, quarries and banks as much as you can at the beginning. So you have enough supplies to build everything and get the castle or citadel to level 10

If you’ve found this post useful, consider signing up to InstaGC using Nicky’s link.  You’ll both earn 10 points!

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