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Bigger bonuses for the To Do List!

Swagbucks has just updated the To-Do List so that it has the potential to become more rewarding!

The Swagbucks Daily To-Do-List is a great way to earn SB, plus not just one but two bonuses every single day!

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 08.27.48In the past Swagbucks gave their members 1 SB for completing all but 1 item on your to-do list, plus an average of 7 SB (for US Swaggernauts, international users got significantly less much of the time) for completing your full daily To-Do-List.

That’s a potential 8 SB in Bonuses every single day.

Starting tomorrow, Swagbucks will stop giving 1 SB for clicking on the Daily Deal and turn that into an even BIGGER BONUS for completing your first Daily To-Do-List Bonus.

We’re  now going to give you an average 3 SB per day when you complete all but 1 item on your daily To-Do-List. Combine that with your full To-Do-List Bonus and that’s an average of 10 SB in bonuses every single day!

Here’s to making your daily Swagbucks Activities even more rewarding!

Hannah’s helping hand:


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Swagbucks is one of my favourite GPT sites.  You can do all kinds of things to earn points, called SB, on there, including: surveys; videos; searching the web; and more.

I make at least £100 a month on Swagbucks alone by spending less than an hour a day completing tasks.

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