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Get extra points with search wins on InstaGC

A great way to get a few extra points a day on InstaGC is via search wins.

Although I use Swagbucks search as my main search, I often pop over to InstaGC to do a few searches, and can usually get 3-4 search wins a day without too much hassle. You can install a browser plugin that makes InstaGC your default search engine, but as I have Swagbucks search installed, I just visit the search the web page to search.

With wins being worth anything from 1-5 points (in my experience, you may have had more!) it does make difference and takes no time at all.

In order to make it take you even less time, all of the images below link to searches – click on them and see if you win too. If you do, come and let us know in the UK Swagbucks & More Facebook group.

*** PLEASD NOTE – InstaGC is much more strict on fequent searches than Swagbucks – I’d suggest doing 2 or 3 and making sure you click on a result for each one if you don’t get a win. Once you have a win, leave it for a few hours before trying again.







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