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I need a quick & easy earner and I need it now!

I hear it all the time in our Facebook group – at least 3 times a week someone posts “What are the quick and easy earners?” or “I need to make £20 by Friday – what can you recommend that takes no time?” I probably did it myself when I started doing GPT (Get Paid TO) sites.

There are loads of variations on the above two questions, but a lot of people want something that:

a) Takes up no time

b) Pays well

c) They can earn quickly from, and

d) Is easy

And don’t get me wrong, you’ll get loads of suggestions. And you’ll get all excited and sign up to a million sites and apps. And then you’ll be disappointed.

I’m going to let you into a secret – when you start out, these sites and apps AREN’T easy. They’re often not quick. And until you get into a routine, they don’t pay that well.

When I first started on Swagbucks, I made £5 in my  first month or so, and I dread to think how much time I spent on it. Now, I can easily make £200 in a good month from Swagbucks doing about half an hour active stuff a day.

The first time I looked at InstaGC, I thought everyone was lying about how much they made. It took me ages to properly look into it as it seemed such a low earner, especially compared to Swagbucks.

Mintvine confused the hell out of me, seemed boring as hell and then did it all to me again when it turned into Branded Surveys.

I couldn’t see the point in apps that you send pictures of your shopping receipts to (and still refuse to do them as I don’t have the patience).

People loved InboxPounds – I hated it and only ever cashed out once, which took forever.

BUT, as soon as I realised that, like any new job, these sites and apps have a learning curve, and you need to work each one out, read as much as you can and get advice from other people that DO know what they’re doing, I started earning.

In 2016 I made around £1800 from GPT sites but in 2017 I made over £4000 from them. I spent around an hour a day working on them. Some days (even weeks) I did nothing at all. But the best time I spent was reading, learning and listening to others, and not expecting to become an expert overnight.

From the people in our Facebook group I learned things no-one else had told me:

– Running the video apps on Swagbucks every day makes a lot of difference
– Bonuses are worth more than your day to day earnings for a lot of sites
– Some sites you have to check as often as possible because they won’t email you
You don’t have to spend hours doing surveys
– Sometimes it’s worth spending money to make money
– Sometimes a site just isn’t for you
– and so much more.

Don’t get me wrong, when I started I wanted quick and easy as well. But until I learned what I was doing, most of the sites simply weren’t.

Forgive me, I know I sound harsh, but unless you are willing to put the effort in to learn, and have people around you that can help, quick and easy is the pipedream it sounds…


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