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Surviving Swagbucks during the School Holidays

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Guest Post by Jennifer McAllister


It’s half term.  School is closed, the kids are home, and I still want to hit my daily goal on Swagbucks.  Read on to see how I’m planning to do this. 

So the kids are off and you are worried about how you are now going to keep up with target. Here are some helpful tips to keep you going whilst the kids are off, and allowing you to still give them the attention they need.

Whilst making breakfast:

Start one of the apps going. I find it easiest to run the apps with a separate device to my mobile phone so, if you have the capability to do this, I highly recommend it.  

Recommended devices:

Click on the link to see which apps to download and how to get the most out of them.

Every now and then check the device to make sure it is still running and crediting.  When one app has finished start the next.

You should be approximately halfway to first goal just by running the apps. (50 or 70SB)

While the kids are eating breakfast:

Make a start on the daily to do list

  • Start an nCrave running
  • Click on the daily poll and complete it – 1 SB
  • Click on the search link and deal of the day links to check them off (you won’t get SB for them but they do go towards completing the daily target.)
  • Check back on the nCraves and finish it running – 1 SB
  • Normally on the homepage there is a travel search link to complete or try under OfferToro which can be found on the Discovers link and then Recommended Partners. Complete a search and then click on one of the results to take you to a partner site – 1SB

If the kids are slow eaters check and see if there are any quick surveys to attempt even a disqualification will usually get you 1 SB so worth a try if you have time.  If you manage a higher SB survey that in the apps should get you to target without having to do anything else – 1-80+ SB

When the kids are eating lunch:

If you have a PC, try the games (under Play) for an easy 10 SB. They take about 10 minutes.

If you don’t have a PC, try another attempt at a survey.

Whilst Preparing Dinner:

By this point, especially if you were using a different device, the apps should all be finished.

Set ToolbarTV to run (8SB)

If you have completed all the above you should be very close to target maybe even close to second target if you managed a survey.

Once The Kids Are In Bed:

Try another survey attempt if you still haven’t managed one.

Check out the discovers thread to see if there are any quick discovers you can complete for extra points.

Remember to check in to the Facebook Group page to see how others are getting on and for more ideas and advice.

Good luck with Swagbucks and surviving having the kids home!

If you’ve found this post useful, consider signing up to Swagbucks using Jennifer’s link.  You could earn yourself a 300 SB bonus!

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