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10 Easy Discover Offers on Swagbucks – March 2018

I have searched through Swagbucks to find some nice and easy discovers for you to try to help you tick off that box on your to do list this month.  All of the offers below I have completed myself, so I can confirm that they credit. If you are having trouble with something crediting. Have a read of Hannah’s guide on things to try when nothing is crediting.


The following offers are usually available once each day.



Desktop or Android

Similar to nCraves, runs through a playlist automatically.

Usually available once every day, just make sure to clear your cache.


Available everyday, make sure to clear your cache.

Perform a search, and click link to take you to partner site.

Offer Toro

FlightSearchFlight Searches

Desktop, Android on desktop mode

Up to 6 available a day clear  cache in between each one.

Click on the link, perform a search, click on link to partner site.

Easy app downloads:

AdGate Media

JohnsRecipes_Adgate_12John’s Recipes

Install and Open The App


12 SB


Install and Open The App

Watch First Video

20 SB

AdaAda: Your Health Guide

Install and Open The App

8 SB

iOS Users Only

Offer Toro


There are regularly quick and easy install and open apps available.

These change regularly so it’s always worth taking a look.



Registration offers:

No card details required.

Featured Offers:

Register and fill in profile.



Register for 1SB credits immediately.

Make a purchase of $9.99 for 3000SB this pends for 32 days.


SuperSavvy_Superrrewards_27Super Savvy Me

Register and complete profile.

If you’ve found this post useful, consider signing up to Swagbucks using Jennifer’s link.  You could earn yourself a 300 SB bonus!

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