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Learn how to use Branded Surveys

** Update – Please note that while the majority of this guide is still relevant, some things have changed with regards to referral earnings and the Daily Poll – read this blog post to find out what’s changed **

Learn how to use Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys (formerly known as MintVine) is a Get Paid To Site where you can earn points to redeem for Paypal or Gift Cards by completing surveys or offers.

As Branded Surveys recently overhauled their site, when they rebranded from MintVine, I have put together an updated guide for people to refer to. Read on to see how to navigate the Branded Surveys site and start earning.


Things to note:

As with other sites, not all points credit to your account immediately. One of the biggest differences between Branded Surveys and some of the other most commonly used sites is that all points earned from completing surveys pend for 2 weeks.

It can take points up to 24 hours to show in pending and up to 14 days to become available. This can feel like a long time to start off with as the points pend, but once you use the site on a regular basis you will constantly have points building that are available and the ability to cash out regularly.

You can find the dates that your points will approve on your points summary page.



This is what the dashboard looks like. It is very easy to navigate and you can easily see what is available.

It will give you a summary of your points and tells you how many surveys are available. You can also find the daily poll that you can complete every day.


Branded Elite:

Branded Surveys has a tiered reward system where you earn more points by being more active on the site.

Work your way up the tiers from Bronze, to Silver, to Gold

The points you receive for completing surveys and offers vary depending on what tier you are at.

A detailed summary can be seen below.


The daily poll is the easiest place to start. It can be found on the dashboard and changes daily at 6am (ET) 4pm (UTC). You will receive

  • 5 – Bronze,
  • 7 – Silver, or
  • 10 – Gold

points for completing the Daily Poll and these points will be credited immediately to your account.


Complete the poll every day to build your poll streak. Once you have completed 10 polls in a row, you will receive bonus points, the amount of which varies depending on your Branded Elite tier.

  • 25 – Bronze,
  • 50 – Silver, or
  • 100 – Gold


Complete Surveys

Surveys become available regularly throughout the day.

My best advice is to turn on email notifications so you are informed by email every time there is a survey available for you.

Alternatively, check into the site and you can see how many surveys are available at that time. These do change throughout the day so if you don’t have email notifications turned on check in regularly.

Click on “Take A Survey” to start. You will then be presented with a survey opportunity.

You can see how long the survey should take and how many points you will be awarded for completing the survey.

You can either start it or skip to the next available survey.

There is also another opportunity to earn more through the Bonus Surveys.

These surveys can be found on the dashboard.  They are worth 55 points a survey and the length of the survey can vary.

Sometimes you might find that you get disqualified from a survey as you don’t fit the demographics they are looking for.

Usually this happens early on and you still get about 6 points even though you were disqualified.

Disqualified points are credited automatically, whereas points for completing surveys will show as pending for up to 14 days.


Complete surveys for a chance to earn even more points by warning entries to the competitions.



You can also earn by complete offers through partner companies. Points for completing offers are credited straight away.

Click through the different affiliate companies and you can play games, answer surveys, and watch videos for more points.



Time To Cash Out:

Once you have earned 1000 points you can cash out $10 to Paypal, or redeem for other various GiftCards like Amazon.

Click on “My Points” and you will see how many points are available, how many are pending and how many needed to cash out.

To redeem your points go to My Points and click “Choose Payment Option” select your preferred payments method and once you have 1000 approved points you will have the option available to “Redeem Points”. 1000 points cashed out to PayPal is $10. 1000 points cashed out to a gift card is approximately £7.50, depending on the exchange rate at the time and the card you choose.
It will then take 3 to 5 working days for you to receive your payment either in your bank, Paypal, or giftcards are sent via email.


If you’ve found this post useful, consider signing up to Branded Surveys using Jennifer‘s’ link

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