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Levelling up on InstaGC!

This morning I hit 10,000 task completions on InstaGC.  Although there are no official levels (other than newbie – below 500 points, and regular – above 500 points) it feels like a big accomplishment.

When I started using InstaGC I knew I’d be able to make some money, after all I’d already been using Swagbucks for 5 months and had earned a lot on there. However, I didn’t expect that it would become my second highest earner, a close second to Swagbucks.

3a377ff8-740e-4a48-91a1-ea917f8ddaa1-eadfae1d-a6ae-4996-a7bb-afa040ec1529-v1.pngEvery site is different, and they all take time to get used to, but I enjoyed the challenge of learning how to use InstaGC.  Once I got past those initial 500 points, my earnings started to climb pretty quickly.  I discovered more and more ways to earn and had fun learning how to make the most of my time while earning.  If you’re struggling with InstaGC know that it does get easier and there is money to be earned.

Were I able to spend more time on the site, I’d likely have reached 10K completions sooner but, for spending less than an hour on it most days, I’m very pleased with this accomplishment.

10,000 completions means that I have completed 10,000 tasks on InstaGC. That 10,000 is comprised of: surveys; videos; and offers (free only, none requiring a CC); that I have done myself.  It does not include referral earnings/tasks.

Here are some numbers for you:

If I can do it, so can you!

Sign up, start earning, and reap the rewards!

If you’re using InstaGC, leave a comment letting me know something that you really like about InstaGC, or a success that you’ve had recently, so that my good mood has a chance to last for the rest of the day.


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