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Maybe it’s ‘just not for you’

I’ve seen a few posts in our Facebook group  recently saying “I don’t know how people make so much on xxxx” or “it takes me too much time”. Admin and members will always try to help and point out what works for US and how WE do it, but sometimes you may just have to accept that a certain app or site just isn’t for you.

There’s nothing wrong in that, if you’ve found another site or app that you like and make money on then no-one is saying you HAVE to use Swagbucks / Branded Surveys / InstaGC  / Prolific etc – it maybe that right now isn’t your time to make the most of it.

It took me 2 years to come back to Swagbucks after I first signed up and made a fiver in 2 months lol.

There are still sites and apps that I give up on that others love.

It’s about what works for YOU, the best use of YOUR time and not what WE tell you that you SHOULD be doing 🙂

We’ll always try to help but at times even we’ll give up and say ‘Maybe this isn’t the app/site for you’ 😉

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