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Videos and the Video Bonus – instaGC: What’s This?

One of the ways to earn on instaGC is by running videos, a.k.a. passive earning.

There are three ways to watch videos on InstaGC in the UK.  In this post we’ll be talking about the instaGC videos only.  To learn about the other ways to watch videos please click here.


What are the instaGC videos?

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 18.04.19There are two playlist available for UK users, playlists 4 and 6.  The playlists vary in length each day.  This means that some days you will have to click to play it again more than on other days.

Can I watch both playlists at the same time?

Yes, you can watch both at the same time, either on the same device or on separate devices.  However, you cannot watch the same playlist more than once at any one time.  Therefore, you can watch playlist 4 and playlist 6 at the same time but not playlist 4 and playlist 4.

If you watch both playlists on the same device, they must be in separate windows so that each playlist is visible.

How many videos can I watch each day?

There are three caps.  The amount that you are capped at can vary each day.  There is no way to know in advance what amount you will be capped at.

The caps are:

  • 250;
  • 500;
  • 2000.

Please note: The cap is per household, not per user.  Therefore, if you have two people in your house using instaGC, you will share the cap between you.

My screen says “inventory has ran out”.  What does this mean?


When the videos no longer play and you get “Our video provider’s inventory has temporarily ran (sic) out.” this means that you have reached your cap for the day.

You won’t be able to watch any more videos until the daily reset at 12 AM ET (5AM UTC).

How do I earn from the videos?

You will earn one point for every 20 videos watched.

When will the points credit?

The points credit at around 00:05 ET, 05: 05 UTC, the following day.

My screen shows Ecode: 20! What does that mean?

Ecode: 20 is a ban.  For some unknown reason, the third party that provides the instaGC videos has seen fit to ban you.  There is no easy fix to this.  Ticketing instaGC won’t help as all they’ll say is that it’s a third party and not under their control.

Things you can try:

  • Clear your cache and cookies;
  • Reset your router;
  • Use mobile data to start the videos;
  • Hunt down the third party video provider and beat them into submission.

What we suggest you do:

  • Wait.

Usually, the ban resolves itself after a few days or weeks.  If it doesn’t, you can attempt ticketing instaGC but they likely still won’t do anything.


What is the Video Bonus?

In addition to the points earned from watching videos, you can also earn a video bonus.

Why does the Bonus say pending?

vbonus-pendingOn the Watch Videos page, you’ll see a table that shows your video history.  Under the bonus column some may show as pending.  This is because Video Bonus points are not guaranteed.

You only earn the bonus if InstaGC makes a profit in the week that you watched the videos.

How much will I get?

vbonus-weeksVideo bonus points vary from week to week.  The amount you receive depends on two things: 1) How many videos you watched; and 2) How much profit instaGC made that week.

If you look at the image, you can see that the bonus amount for the first day in Week 2 is higher than the days in Week 1 despite watching the same amount of videos.

This means that instaGC made a bigger profit and they passed some of that onto their users.

When will I get the Video Bonus?

Video bonus points are posted once a week, around 12 PM ET (5 PM UTC), on Wednesdays.  The points posted on Wednesdays are for videos watched during the previous week (Sunday – Saturday).

How can I claim my Video Bonus?

  • Video Bonuses are not applied automatically.  You MUST claim it each week or it will expire.
  • Video Bonuses can be claimed when instaGC posts them, usually after 12 PM ET (5 PM UTC) on Wednesdays.
  • The bonus expires in 30 days if it is not claimed.
  • To claim your bonus, click the blue bar across the top of the page. Then click the Claim button.  Alternatively, go straight to the claim page.

Where can I see which bonuses I’ve claimed?

  • You can see your Bonus history on the Claim page.


You can also see them in your Points History.

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