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15,000 visitors in just 15 days? You did it!

When we launched the GPTGenies website on 8th April 2018, we had no idea what to expect.

We knew that we wanted a single site to put Nikki and Hannah’s blogs, as well as somewhere for Jen to blog too. You’d told us you found it difficult to remember which blog post was where, and the idea of GPTgenies was born late 2017.

We knew that you found our blogs helpful, and that they helped you to make more money from the hints, tips and help we wrote.

We knew that we wanted a place to attract sponsors for our monthly competitions.

What we didn’t know was how successful the GPTgenies site would be from the get go!

Here are the stats as of yesterday, just 15 days later:

  • 15,000 visitors to the site (visitors, not hits, for those of you that know the difference)
  • 39,756 page views
  • 81,409 actions (things you have done on the site)
  • 43,331 links clicked
  • 35 days’ worth of time spent on the site

It might not sound much, but it’s pretty amazing for a brand new site in a very niche industry.

So we’d like to say a massive THANK YOU to you, our readers, members of the Facebook group, Likers of the Facebook page and everyone else who has made this site the success we had hoped it would be.

But we’d like to ask a little more help, if that’s not too much for a Tuesday afternoon 🙂

Which site do you use that you haven’t seen sponsor our Facebook Group competitions?

Which site has sponsored them before but you’d like them to do it again?

Which competition was your favourite?

You can help us in the following ways:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post (not in the group) with your answers
  • Tweet your favourite GPT site asking them whether they’d sponsor one of our contests
  • Write on their Facebook page
  • Point them to our Press Page

You’re the reason this site is as successful as it is, let’s work together to make it even more so!

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  • Emma Bell

    Well done! That is amazing and you really deserve it with all your hard work! InstaGC and Prolific are my favourites at the minute so would be good to see them sponsoring.

  • Suzanne

    Well done!! Thanks for all the hard work you admins put in!!
    InstaGC is definitely a favourite of mine so would love to see them on board with some sponsored competitions.

  • Maria Sullivan

    Instagc competitions would be great or more from earnably,
    I always struggle with the treasure hunt

    • We do try to make the treasure hunt easy for everyone, as we like to see people getting the answers.


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