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Branded Surveys Mini-Tip: The Daily Poll ** Updated

** Update – there is no longer a poll streak and the Daily Poll is now worth 5 points for all Elite Member levels – read more about this here **

Branded Surveys Daily Poll Streak

On the Branded Surveys website, on the home screen there is an opportunity to take part in a daily poll. It takes two seconds just to make a choice.

For completing the daily poll, you earn 5 points if you are a Bronze member, 7 points if you are a Silver member and 10 points if you are a Gold member.


Each day you complete the poll, you add to your daily poll streak. Complete 10 days in a row and you will receive bonus points. You get a bonus of 25 points if you are a Bronze member, 50 points as a Silver member and 100 points as a Gold member.



Cashing Out

You need 1000 points to cash out for $10 to Paypal, or there are several gift card options available. This converts automatically to £s which at the current exchange rate works out as £7.20. So this means that just by completing the daily poll alone, and not doing anything else, as a gold member you can achieve 1000 points in just 50 days. That is $10 in less than 2 months and for just 2 seconds of your time a day!


How do I become a gold member?

You become a bronze member upon registration. Complete surveys and offers to earn credits to go up the ranks. At 60 credits you will become a Silver member and 200 credits a gold member.

There is so much you can do with the site like completing surveys, offers and watching videos you can earn so much more, but if that doesn’t interest you I would still recommend signing up to the site for the daily poll points alone as it really is easy money.

If you haven’t already signed up to Branded Surveys you can do so here.

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  • Cece

    Love your blog, thank you for all the time and effort that you all put in to help us newbies.I was wondering if there was a similar site like branded with a daily poll ( other than Swagbucks ) as I rarely qualify for surveys?

    • I don’t think so on the sites I tend to use, but hopefully some of our readers will be able to help

  • Ayesha

    Hi Cece, i’ve been having a think of sites that do polls, but only this one and swagbucks is the only ones I can think of.
    It’s not poll related, but there is Shopprize which is an app where you take a photo of your receipt and upload it. However, I don’t always have receipts, so every time I sign in I get 60pts and it adds up over time.

    Hope that helps.


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