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Easy Offers on InstaGC – April 2018

Below I have featured several easy offers available on InstaGC this month, and if you complete them all you will receive over 900 points.

Available Daily:

Radium One- New and Interesting Websites- 2pts


Click on it and start it playing, it will run automatically through a list of sites, just leave it running and then hit the Claim button at the end for an easy 2 points.


OfferToro- Search- 1.2pts


Offer Toro has 6 different search opportunities at the moment, all worth 1.2 points each. All you have to do is perform a search and then click on one of the results to take you to the partner site. Make sure to clear cache before attempting to complete the next offer.



App Downloads:



The Adgate Rewards  wall is a great place to look for quick and easy app downloads. All you have to do to get credited is download and open the app. They change regularly so would recommend looking daily.




OfferToro- Android- 13pts



Download open the app and complete the tutorial for credit.





On AdGate Rewards there are three very highly pointed mycom games to download. This offer is for desktop/laptop only. Download the game, confirm your email, and then click to play its as simple as that. Read more details here on how to get them all to credit properly.




Register(no card required)


Neilsen Netratings on AdgateRewards wall worth 184pts (dekstop only). All you have to do for credit is complete a survey if you qualify then you will be asked to download an application to your computer. Credits instantly and I deleted the application off of my computer as soon as it credited.


Free Trial (Card Required)

The one thing you have to remember when completing a free trial is to cancel your order before the free trial ends or else you will end up being charged.


AdGateRewards- 110pts


This is a 30 day free trial and you can cancel your order nice and easily.



AdGate Rewards- 230pts


This is a 7 day free trial. I had to message the live chat asking them to cancel my account, but it was cancelled instantly.



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