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Frozen Points – instaGC: What’s This?

Sometimes, on instaGC , when you successfully complete an offer or high paying survey the points do not credit to your Points History page automatically.  Instead, they go into Frozen points.

This post will help you understand what Frozen points are.

What are Frozen Points

“Frozen points” on InstaGC are similar to “Pending SB” on Swagbucks.  Your points will go into Frozen when you complete:

  • any survey worth 225 points or above
  • any offer worth 225 points or above
  • any offer, no matter its point value, that
    • requires a credit/debit card
    • is a free trial, or
    • requires you to buy something.

Why do points get Frozen?

This is a method of loss prevention.  InstaGC is attempting to guard against losing revenue if your survey response/offer/trial etc is denied by the advertiser.  If that happens, the points will not be credited to your account.

Where can I find my Frozen Points?

Frozen points can be found by clicking on the snowflake next to your points total in the top menu bar.

How long do Points stay Frozen for?

Surveys and task completions worth 225+ pts stay frozen for 5 days.  Offers that require a credit card, or trials, etc. stay frozen for 14 days.

How do I unfreeze my points?

Points do NOT unfreeze on their own.  You have to get them thawed manually by ticketing instaGC once the frozen period is up.

Do Frozen Points count towards my bonus?

Frozen points will contribute to Bonus Units on the day that you complete the offer/task/survey.  They will go into your Task Earnings on the day that they are thawed.

Do referral earnings also go into Frozen?

You will be able to see points from your referrals in your Frozen Points.  This is the amount that you’ll earn from your referral when the points are thawed.  If your referral earnings are in Frozen for longer than the usual period, you can ticket for them or contact your referral via the instaGC messaging system to tell them that they can unfreeze their points.


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