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Help! I’ve lost my survey site mojo!

You know when it’s just one of those days and you really can’t be bothered doing yet another survey you’ll probably be disqualified from, but you know you should really be earning to get to your targets?

I bet we’ve all had it, when the thought of another day trying to reach goal on Swagbucks, or getting to cash out on InstaGC or Earnably just feels like a chore.

And it seems like everyone else is just ‘getting it’ while you’re fighting a daily battle to earn less than minimum wage?

Do you know something? I get like that for at least a week a month, sometimes more.

Here’s what helps me get out of the funk.

Switch sites.

At times it’s just easier to earn on some sites than others. If Swagbucks isn’t doing it for you, forget about that extra 300sb for your Monthly Master – it’s about £2.40 and really not worth the stress. Try a different site to the one you’ve been struggling with.

Run videos

If I see another ‘Here’s 1sb for trying’ I think I’ll scream! Run the video apps on Swagbucks, Playlist 4 and 6, EngagemeTV/Smores and Video Loyalty for InstaGC, or (not AND) EngagemeTV/Smores and Video Loyalty for Earnably. It’s passive earnings and most modern phones and tablets can multiscreen, although it does help if you have a laptop.

Take a quick break

Go read a book, have a walk, play with the kids, just get your head out of the survey drama and enjoy some time not worrying about targets and goals and when you can next cash out.

Come and moan in the group

Everyone is allowed a moan sometimes, and we don’t mind the occasional moan in the Facebook group – you’ll find lots of help and support.

Reread the blog posts

I really can’t recommend this highly enough. We wrote them to help you and you never know when you’ll pick up hints and tips that you hadn’t even thought about. And if you haven’t read the blog posts, READ THE BLOG POSTS!

And if all else fails…

Take a longer break

Sometimes a few days or weeks off is enough to get your mojo back.

What do you do to get out of survey slump? Let me know in the comments below.

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