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How many points do I need to cash out?

Ever wondered which site works out best for cashing out? Which one gives you the most in return for your points? Well you might be surprised to learn, that there really isn’t that much in it.

Below is a cash out comparison of the Top 5 Survey Sites

Branded Surveys


Cashout From- $10(£7.20)

$10 = 1000 points

Cashout Takes- 3 to 5 working days






Cashout From- £1

£10 = 1410 points

Cashout Takes- Up to 3 days but usually within the hour





Cashout From $1

£10 Amazon = 1600 points

$10 Paypal = 1000 points(need to cashout $50 elsewhere first)

Cashout Takes- Instant




Prize Rebel


Cashout From- £2(Amazon) £5(Paypal)

£10 Amazon = 1403 points

$5 Paypal = 500 points

Cashout takes- within 24 hours





Cashout From- £3(Amazon) £5(Paypal)

£10 Amazon = 1360 points(SB)

£10 Paypal = 1600 points(SB)

Cashout Takes- up to 10 days



In Summary:

As you can see, there really isn’t much in it when it comes to working out which site to choose to earn from. The thing you really should take into consideration is whether or not you want instant payment, or if you are happy to wait and allow your points to build.

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