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How to earn the most from EngageMe!

We all like earning passively and is one of the most popular video options on many of the different sites that we recommend.

What is EngageMe? is a curated platform that rewards users for watching & engaging with content, i.e. videos.  S’ is a recent addition to their complement

How does it work?

In order to earn from you need to be signed up to an earning platform.  The most popular ones used in our group are SwagbucksInstaGCPrizeRebel, Earnably, Grabpoints, and Branded Surveys.

On each platform you can access EngageMe via an offerwall.  The walls where you can find EngageMe and S’mores will be called one of the following:

  • EngageMe
  • S’mores
  • AdWall
  • AdscendMedia

Once you have found EngageMe on your chosen platform, you click on the channel you’d like to watch and wait for it to start showing you ads.  If it doesn’t show you any ads (i.e. if the counter doesn’t change) then you can try changing to a different channel or look at the solutions suggested here.

Do I have to log in to EngageMe?

No, as long as you have clicked through from an earning platform there is no need to log in to EngageMe or S’mores.  However, you can create an account on EngageMe and connect your platforms so that you can earn from the EngageMe app.

I find that EngageMe tends to give me more ads on my laptop so rarely use the app but it works differently for each person.

Which site pays the best?

I did some quick calculations based on the amount of points that you need to cash out for £10 Amazon or PayPal (where one can only cash out for $ in PP, I have done the requisite conversions including fees) and the following amounts are based on that.

NB: Ads in the table refers to the amount of ads you would have to watch if you were earning solely from EngageMe.

SitePts per 6 adsAds per £10 AmazonAds per £10 PayPalBonus
Branded Surveys240804383
Earnably1.652885288up to 10%
InstaGC1.468576261up to 5%

Please note: The amounts will change slightly depending on the exchange rate.  In addition, if a site offers a bonus percentage of all earnings then you will have to adapt the amount slightly.

For example, instaGC offers up to 5% of earning as a bonus each week while Earnably offers certain percentages in their promo codes.  If you were to get these bonuses the numbers would be as follows:

  • Earnably – 10% bonus – 3845 ads
  • Earnably – 5% bonus – 4453 ads
  • InstaGC – 5% bonus – 5647 (Amz) or 5156 (PP) ads.


If you have a promo code active that offers 10% on top of your usual earnings then Earnably pays the most for running EngageMe.  If you don’t have any codes active then Branded Surveys comes out on top!


Join the sites I recommend and start earning!

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  • Ruth

    Whereabouts on the Branded Surveys website is EngageMe? I can’t for the life of me find it!

    • Hannah

      Go to offers and then Adwall. You can use S’mores, which is owned by the same company, or sort from low to high and you’ll find EngageMe.


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