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How To Succeed With Get Paid To Sites: Day One- Goals

It is the end of the month, so that means it is time to add up totals earned on all of the sites this month. How did you get on?

If you didn’t earn as much as you would have liked, or think you could have earned more, over the next 5 days I will be discussing some tips that I use to escalate my earnings every month.

Day 1 will be looking at goals, Day 2 is all about getting into a routine and schedules,  Day 3 will be about set up and how to maximise your earnings with the devices you own, Day 4 is all about what to do when the day isn’t going to plan, and Day 5 you will be able to watch me live in action following my InstaStories on Instagram, to see how I plan my day, and will I actually reach my goal by the end of the day or not?

Day One: GOALS

It is so important to have goals set up. It allows you to have something to aim for, and will help to spur you on. I have a large goal, which I then break down into smaller monthly and daily goals.

My main goal will consist of things like, saving for Christmas, or a birthday or a holiday. Sometimes it can be aiming towards a particular item. If it is a particular item you are after, write the price down, this will be your main goal that you are aiming towards. Once you have reached it you can set up another goal. If it is something less specific, like money towards Christmas, come up with an amount that would be nice, or a total you are aiming for.

Once you have set your main goal, then you need to look at smaller monthly and daily goals which are going to help you reach that target. Say your main goal is £300 towards a family holiday, and the family holiday is 3 months away. Break it down further to more manageable goals, like aiming for £100 a month and to achieve that needing to earn £3 a day across all the sites. By breaking the large goal down into smaller goals, it makes that large goal seem much more easier to get.

The most important thing when setting goals, is you need to make sure that they are achievable. If you are pushing yourself to ridiculous amounts, then you will stress yourself out trying to reach them, and will just end up disheartened and give up.

An achievable goal, needs to be something that you know you are capable of achieving. Take a look at how you did this month. Work out what you managed to accomplish and set this as your benchmark for next month’s goals. Once you are regularly achieving a certain amount steadily, then you can look at increasing these goals to push yourself just a little further. Look at each site and what you managed to achieve this month. If it is not quite as high as you liked, you can increase it a little bit, but remember there is no point in coming up with impractical targets, with time your goals will increase, but make sure you set something that you can achieve to begin with, but obviously not too easy that there is no motivation behind your earning.


It is important to write your goals down. Put it on the calendar if you like, or keep track of it on a spreadsheet. However you prefer it doesn’t matter but make sure to write it down. A written goal is much easier to visualise and allows you to keep track of how you are doing throughout  the month.

My Goals As an Example:

My main  goal at the moment is saving towards our family holiday at the end of July, and ideally I would like to go away with £600 from survey sites for spending money. To achieve this I need to make £300 a month. I take a look at last months earnings to see if this is achievable.

In April I managed to make £314.80

Swagbucks– £140

InstaGC– $170(£118)

Prolific– £18.5

Branded Surveys– £17.58

Earnably– £5

Other Apps/ Studies- £15

So my monthly goal of £300 is definitely achievable and means I need to earn roughly £10 on average a day across all the sites.

£10 a day is still a daunting number so I break this down further to make it feel easier. I will put a goal on each site that I would like to achieve.

On Swagbucks I use the first daily goal as my goal for the day. If I manage to hit it early on in the day then I might look at the second goal as a new target, but really I just focus on the first goal set by Swagbucks. I aim for roughly 3,000 points a week as I know this will get me to a goal of £100 for the month, but I don’t let this be my focus.

On InstaGC I have an average daily goal of 500 points a day. This will then get me $150 for the month (just over £100)

Branded Surveys I have a goal of £15 for the month.

Prolific is difficult as it is so hit and miss with surveys, but I tend to make £20 a month so this is my goal on that site.

Earnably is a new site that I only just started using last month. As I have nothing to base it on I have set my monthly goal low on this site at just £20 for the month which should be easily achievable.

There are other little sites and apps I use that are slow burners and a couple of focus groups I am part of which altogether I am confident I can make another £15/£20 with by the end of the month.

So all of these goals put together should get me my monthly goal of £300.


So you have written all your goals and you know what you are aiming to achieve by the end of the month. Make sure to pop over to our Facebook Group and join in the discussion on how you got on this month and what your goals are for May. Tomorrow I will be discussing setting a routine and schedules which will aide you in achieving your goals.


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