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KidStart – Earn cashback from all your Amazon shopping!

Hands up:

Who shops a lot online?

Who spends far too much money at Amazon, John Lewis, ASOS, etc.?

Who would like to get a bit of cashback for all that online shopping they do?

Who likes to put money away for their children (or niecephews, grandchildren, godchildren, etc.)?


If the answer to the questions above is a resounding YES then KidStart may just be the site you’ve been looking for.

What is KidStart?

KidStart is a free website (yes, there’s an app too) for anyone who enjoys online shopping. It was designed by parents as a way for people to save for their children without costing them anything extra.  You just shop as normal (making sure you go through KidStart) and the money you save in the form of cashback can go towards your child’s savings.

How does KidStart work?

Like all cashback sites, KidStart gets paid by retailers for you to shop.  They then pass some of that revenue on to you, the customer.  The difference between KidStart and other cashback sites is that KidStart aims to get you saving for your kids.  This means that, in order for you to get paid, you have to add a child to your account.

Which shops can I get cashback from?

KidStart pays cashback for many retailers that other big cashback sites do not, e.g. Amazon (2%) , John Lewis (1.5%), and loads more.  You can see a list of retailers here.

How do I earn cashback?

  1. Make sure you’re signed in to KidStart or install the reminder tool.
  2. Click through KidStart to the retailer you want to shop at.
  3. Make your purchase.
  4. Hope it tracks properly.
  5. Wait for it to show in your KiddyBank.  This usually takes several months to clear from pending.

Family, friends, schools, charities…

One of the clever things about KidStart is that it allows saving/earning in a few different ways.

  1. You can set up an account and earn cashback for your child/ren.
  2. You can set up an account and earn cashback for your child’s school or a nominated charity.  This is very easy to do under “Manage your account” and it simply means that, instead of the money going to your/your child’s bank account, the money will go to your chosen school or charity.

As well as earning cashback, you can get other people to sign up and earn too.

  1. You can invite people to save for your child/ren too.  This means that their account will be linked to your child and all the cashback that they earn will be applied to your child’s account.
  2. You can refer others to KidStart and KidStart will give you £5 once they’ve saved £5 (this takes a few months).

What if I don’t have kids or my kids don’t have their own accounts?

You can add a future child (i.e. if you’re pregnant), or attach your own bank account to a child’s name, in KidStart so you don’t need to have kids right this second to set up an account.  However, you will need to add a child’s name to your account in order to be able to cash out the savings.

Sign up to KidStart now!


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