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Play Games and Earn On Swagbucks

An easy 10SB a day can be earnt through the Swagbucks games which can be found on the home screen under Play and Earn.

*Note- these can only be completed on desktop, not on mobile. You need to have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed and any pop-up blockers turned off to be able to play.

There are 3 games available to play, and you can earn an easy 10SB a day (across all games not per game).

Swag Memory

The hardest of the three. It is a simple pair matching memory game, but there are 3 rounds you have to complete in order to finish the game, and you have to finish all 3 rounds in order to be credited 2SB every other game.  If you are quick enough you can potentially earn bonus points for speed. *Hint- write down the location of the logos the first time you play it as they are always in the same position.



Swag Jump

Slightly easier, you fly through the sky collecting Swagbucks logos as you fly to send you higher, miss a logo and it is game over.  *Hint- leave 30seconds after the end of one game and before starting another and you will receive 2SB every other game.




Swagasaurus  Run


My favourite and the easiest of the three games. Make your dinosaur run for as long as possible making sure to jump over cliffs and other dinosaurs. *Hint- the reason this game is my favourite is because you can simply click new game, allow the dinosaur to run off the cliff edge, and wait 30 secs before starting a new game and you will be credited 2SB every other game. Simple!

Click here to be taken to the game.




If you haven’t signed up to Swagbucks yet you can do so here.

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  • I would like to find out more about games with SB. Such an easy way to earn some extra money is always pleasant.

  • I wouldn’t recommend it as the way to make money. I think if you gamble on bitcoins it will give you more rewards than those kind of games. You can’t make leaving out of it!


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