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Seven easy steps to your first 500 points on instaGC

It took me while to get into InstaGC if I’m honest. I’d been used to Swagbucks and pretty much had my routine sorted, but figured it was time to add a new site. And boy was it a shock!

I didn’t know where everything was, couldn’t work out the easy ways to earn points, and people in our Facebook group were talking about offers I couldn’t even find!

But I’m stubborn and I persevered. And if I can do it, you can too.

I can confirm that it gets a whole lot easier after you’ve earned your first 500 points, and I’m now earning around £100 a month fairly easily.

So learn from my mistakes, and here are my top ten tips to your first 500 points.


1: InstaGC Playlist videos

Found under the ‘Earn’ –> ‘Videos’ menu, Playlists 4 and 6 can be run on the same device at the same time. I run them side by side on my laptop most of the time, although sometimes I run one on my tablet and the other on my phone, depending on what else I’m doing.

Unless there’s a promotion on, you get 1 point for every 20 videos that you run. I know, it sounds like an awful lot of work for one measly point, but if you can leave these playlists running, then you can rack up many hundreds of views on a good day. In addition, on Wednesday you will receive a video bonus (as long as you’ve watched 50 videos in the qualifying period) that can sometimes be more than the video points you’ve made already.

Things to note:

  • Video points are added to your daily total the following day at around 5.10 am UK time, so don’t panic if you don’t see them adding to your list on the day you’re watchig them.
  • The video bonus arrives around 5pm very Wednesday, and depends on the amount of profit InstaGC have made, so varies from week to week.
  • Occasionally there are problems with the Playlists – no-one, not even InstaGC, knows why. A fairly regular feature is an Ecode 20 error, which is a soft ban – you can read more about this and ways to possibly get around it here.

2: Engageme.TV / Smores.TV videos

Found either under the ‘Other Providers’ link on the videos page, or via EngagemeTV on the ‘Recommended‘ page, EngagemeTv and Smores can be a great way to rack up points without having to do a thing.

You get 1.4 points for every 6 ads (not videos) watched, so again this is a great earner if you can just leave it running. I usually leave it running on my laptop, alongside Playlists 4 and 6.

On a good day this will credit every ten minutes or so, on a bad day it could be 3 or 4 times and hour, or maybe not at all. You can check in our Facebook Group to see what people are running that’s working for them.

Warning: You can only run one instance of EngagemeTv OR Smores at any one time for your InstaGC account, not one of each.

3: Video Loyalty

Another videos one I’m afraid, but it’s worth adding in if you can. They say it has to be run on a laptop or PM/Mac, but I have managed to get this to run on my tablet, although it’s a little clunky.

It credits every 0.8 points every 4 ads, but won’t add to your InstaGC account until it has built up 4 points each time. It’s slow, crediting roughly once every hour on a good day, and on occasion it refuses to play ball at all, but if you can leave it to run without it affecting your day to day work / play then it’s another passive earner.

You’ll find it under ‘Recommended‘ or via the video menu under ‘Other Providers‘.

You can only run one channel at a time, but it is fine to run it alongside Playlists 4 and 6, and EngagemeTV/Smores.

4: Peanut Labs Surveys

If you’re already on Swagbucks, you’ll be aware that Peanut Labs surveys are a great way to build points when there are no other surveys available. You also get 1 point each time you are disqualified (up to 5 points, unless they’re feeling generous)

Peanut Labs surveys can be found under the Recommended tab under ‘Earn’.

Be aware, you’ll be disqualified from a fair few – just plug away at them, lots more opens up once you get those 500 points!

5: Your Surveys

You can find Your Surveys under the InstaGC wall. This is on the main page when you open InstaGC, or can be found on ‘Recommended‘ under the ‘Earn’ tab.

These are worth 70 points a time, and you can repeat them every 30 minutes throughout the day. The surveys could be of any length, from 5 minutes to 35 minutes, but they’re easy to complete and good for building up points.

6: Search

It’s not a massive points earner, but you can earn from searches on InstaGC.

Although I use Swagbucks search as my main search, I often pop over to InstaGC to do a few searches, and can usually get a couple of search wins a day without too much hassle. You can install a browser plugin that makes InstaGC your default search engine, but as I have Swagbucks search installed, I just visit the search the web page to search.

With wins being worth anything from 1-5 points (in my experience, you may have had more!) it does make a difference and takes no time at all.

Use the links in this post for some quick access searches.

7: Other walls

The above ways to earn are my favourite before 500 points, but there are still a lot of other options available, you just have to look for them.

From the front page of InstaGC, check out all of the walls you can see, click around and see what you can find. There are surveys, games, trials, offers and more – all before 500 points to help you move on to the next level!


It might seem like a bit of a chore to start, but trust me, once you’ve gone past those 500 points it gets so much easier. I easily make £100 a month on InstaGC with very little effort, and of course the members of the UK Swagbucks & More Facebook group are always there to help!

Not on instaGC yet but fancy giving it a go? Join using this link and you’ll get 10 points to start, free.



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  • Rachel

    2 and 3 don’t show up for me. Have they been discontinued? What other video sites do you recommend?

    • there have been changes since this blog was written, it’s on our list to update – there are still videos you can run on InstaGC – mobile playlist and desktop playlist under ‘run videos’ and HideoutTV under ‘earn’


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