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Top Ten Tips to earning on InstaGC ** Updated

** Update – please note there are now even more ways to earn in the Your Surveys section of InstaGC – see this blog post for more details. Also, Instant Surveys from Swagbucks no longer appear under Trial Pay Tap **

As many people know, instaGC has become one of my favourite GPT sites.  In fact, last month it even became my highest earning site, overtaking Swagbucks, a feat I didn’t think could happen.

In this post, I’m going to share some tips that helped me more than double my monthly instaGC earnings!

Now, before I start, I think it’s important to note that I do a fair amount of surveys.  If surveys aren’t for you, or you find the inevitable disqualifications too frustrating, then this post may not be as much help as you were hoping.  However, I think it’s a good idea to have a read and then see what you think.

On with the tips…

1 – Ticker

InstaGC has some very useful widgets on the right hand side of most pages on their site.  One of these is the Ticker.

The ticker contains live updates of surveys and offers that other InstaGC members have completed.  This gives you a good idea of what will credit for you too.

From what I have seen, the surveys (from the Earn —> Surveys page only) are country specific but the offers are not.  Therefore, if you see someone complete a great offer, or survey on an offer wall, it may not be available in your country but it’s still worth going to have a look to see if it’s available to you.

2 – Your Surveys (YS)

Located under Earn —> Recommended lurks the instaGC offer wall.  When you click on this wall you can find a variety of survey opportunities.

Each of these opportunities goes to a survey routing company.  This means that if you get disqualified from a survey the survey router will usually redirect you to another survey that you can try to complete.  Sometimes, the router will run out of surveys that you are eligible for but you’ll often be able to complete one.


Five out of the six survey opportunities can be completed once a day.  However, Your Surveys UK (YS UK) can be completed EVERY HALF HOUR.  This means you have lots of opportunities to earn.

Please note: As these are survey routers, there is no time constraint on the surveys.  Some will be short, some will be long.

Keep an eye on the ticker and if you see someone completing a survey there may be a better chance that you’ll be able to complete one.  Once you’ve unlocked chat, keep an eye on the UK users in there as they’ll often alert to short and easy surveys.

3 – Easy Clicks

Although they won’t make you a millionaire, the easy clicks are worth doing for a few extra points and to top up your bonus units.

You can find the click under Earn —> Recommended —> Clicks or go straight to the offer walls.  There are usually some easy clicks on OfferToro and some on RadiumOne.  I’ve also seen some on the other walls too so keep your eyes peeled.


Look out for the following:

  • Searches – Web, Flight, Travel, etc.  All these usually require just a few clicks to get credited.  Some can be repeated every day.
  • Tripping – Tripping is a search like the ones above.  It can usually be found on different walls for different point amounts.  Once you’ve completed it, it will usually disappear for a while and then pop up again so keep an eye out.
  • Explore New Interesting Websites – When this is available, it’s usually found on the Radium One wall.  It’s an automatic slideshow/video similar to the nCraves on Swagbucks so you can just leave it to run until it finishes, then click on redeem and voila, 2 points.
  • Slideshows & Quizzes – If you have patience (spoiler, I have very little) you can complete the slideshows and quizzes that can be found on a variety of the offer walls.  The slideshows require a lot of clicking but it’s simple.  The quizzes tend to require you to get the questions correct but they’re easily found if you search for them.

4 – Offer Wall Surveys

People talk a lot about the surveys on instaGC, for good reason, but you’re not limited to just those on the Survey page.  Most of the offer walls have surveys that you can complete too and they’re worth a try to boost your points.


Look on the AdWall and AdgateMedia walls for high paying surveys before you try YS UK.  Often these higher paying ones (100+ points) will be ones that you may encounter on the YS router as some of them also route through YS.

5 – Trial Pay Tap

You’ll likely have heard people talking about Tap as a good way to earn DQ points (we’ll talk about this more later in the post) but did you know that you can find Tap on some of the Offer Walls too?

Trial Pay has a Tap (TP Tap) offer for 73 points which means that every survey you complete through the offer will earn you 73 points! They also have another offer for 42 points while RadiumOne has Tap for 39 and 26 points.


If you get an Instant Survey on Swagbucks, check TP Tap, it’ll often be there too and you can earn 73 points for just a few questions.

Please note: 

  • TrialPay is desktop only and does not work on Safari.  You can access it on mobile via the Chrome browser by selecting Lock desktop mode on instaGC.  You may need to request desktop mode in chrome first.
  • RadiumOne Tap is on mobile only. Open R1 —> click on poll —> navigate to the end of the final page and you should see them.

6 – Figure 8

Figure 8, formerly known as CrowdFlower, is a hub of tasks.  The tasks (for beginners) are generally pretty simple but don’t pay a lot.  However, since they’re quick, if your accuracy is good, it’s an easy way to rack up a bunch of points in not a lot of time.

Figure 8 has levels so if you complete lots of tasks, and have a decent accuracy score, you’ll move up levels and be offered better and higher paying tasks.

Tasks include: verifying information from phone call extracts, judging emotions on videos, and more.

Please note: You have to log in to Figure 8 with your Facebook account.

The following items only become available once you’ve earned your first 500 points.

7 – Chat

Chat opens up to all users who have earned at least 500 points, i.e. active users. Though it may seem like frivolous frippery, chat can be a really good way to earn.  Let me explain…

Lots of active instaGC users share what has worked for them in the chat, including UK users.  This means that you can be alerted to great earning opportunities like: one question YS’s, SurveyMonkey surveys, instants on TP tap, and more.  While you can see most of these in the ticker, you won’t get the same level of information as you would from the chat.

Not only can you get tips, but Point Booster Codes (PBC) are randomly posted in chat throughout the day.  These codes have very few redemptions so you have to be very quick to get them but there is the potential to earn up to 30 points a day from the chat PBC’s (max of 3 in 24 hours).

N.B. If you post a tip in chat, please preface it with UK so that the rest of us know that it’s something we should try.

8 – Surveys

When people talk about the instaGC surveys, they’re generally referring to the surveys found under Earn —> Surveys.  This page is only available to active users so if you can’t find it, quickly earn some more points.

The amount of surveys on this page varies depending on what is available but it’s always a good place to look for things to do.  You can see the hosting site, the time it’s expected to take, and the reward you’ll receive for successfully completing it.

As with all surveys, you’ll get disqualified.  However, I find that I can usually do several of these surveys a day so they’re worth trying.

Also on the surveys page is Tap and Pollfish.  We’ll talk about Tap more in a moment, but it’s a good one to have available. Pollfish is very hit and miss.  I have NEVER been credited for a Pollfish survey on instaGC, even when I complete them successfully, so I’ve mostly given up on them.  They’re worth a try as they’re usually very short but be prepared for them not to credit.


Check the surveys page often as there are sometimes very short (1-5 min) surveys for pretty good payouts which fill up very quickly.

Things to note: Cint surveys usually credit after 3-5 minutes so don’t panic straightaway.

There is usually no point in ticketing for surveys on instaGC as they won’t credit you unless they get paid.

9 – Tap DQ’s

Tap can be found on the Surveys page.

Tap surveys are often not very well paid, however, they offer an unlimited 2pts per disqualification unlike the main page which is 1pt per DQ up to 10 total.

Not only that but they pay out DQ points according to how long you were taking the survey for.  Therefore, if you were disqualified halfway through a 10 minute, 12 point, survey, you’d get 4 or 5 points rather than just 2.

Be aware of the survey routers that can be found in Tap.  Some of them will just reroute to new studies instead of taking you back to Tap for DQ points.


Bookmark Tap for easy access, even when it’s not showing on the surveys page.

10 – Minute Staff

Minute Staff

Minute Staff (MS) is boring but, like the easy clicks or Tap DQ’s,it’s a fairly simple way to rack up some points and bonus units.

There are several different tabs on Minute Staff.  Some will only open to you once you’ve earned 300 points through MS but those tabs usually offer higher paying tasks.

The tasks involve visiting a website and then following specific steps to earn your points.  These are best done while in front of the TV as they’re mostly mindless once you know what you’re doing.

Please note: MS points accumulate on the wall and credit after you hit 1 point.


There’s lots of stuff to do on instaGC if you look for it.  Keep an eye on chat and ticker, they’ll soon become good friends as they help you earn.  Share with others if you find something good and you’ll see people reciprocating.

Remember, earning on GPT sites isn’t effortless but once you learn ways to maximise your earnings then you could start to fly.

Good luck and let me know what you found helpful or what your best tips are in the comments!


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