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What time do GPT sites reset?

Many of our favourite sites are based in America and it can be confusing to work out when the sites reset, i.e. start a new day. This table should help by laying out the information in a clear way.

SiteLocationTime zoneSite reset in UK timeThings to note
InstaGCSellersburg, Indiana
Eastern (ET)5 am
PrizeRebelValencia, California
Pacific (PT)8 am
Branded SurveysSan Diego, California
Pacific (PT)8 amDaily Poll resets - 3 PM
Points update - 2 PM
GrabpointsCloverdale, British Columbia
Pacific (PT)8 am
SwagbucksManhattan Beach, California
Pacific (PT)8 am
EarnablyLondon, England
British (UTC)12 am - Winter
1 am - Summer
Does not change to summer time
ProlificOxford, England
British (GMT, BST)12 am

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