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4 Survey Sites 10 Easy Discover Offers- May 2018

Discover offers are available on most survey sites, through the recommended offer walls. They can be a nice easy way of getting yourself some extra points when you are struggling, or there are no surveys around. The same offers tend to be available across all of the survey sites, but they can vary in the amount of points you receive for completing the offer. Most of these offers are new user one time only offers, so it is worth looking around and comparing to see where you will get the most points.

I will be comparing 10 offers on Branded Surveys, Earnably, InstaGC and Swagbucks.

If you haven’t signed up yet to one of the sites you can do so by clicking on the name of the site listed above which will take you to the registration page.

I will also be comparing them across two walls where available, they might be available on other offer walls as well so it is always worth looking round.

I will also compare the value for completion on both iPhone and Android where available, so if you have more than one device then this is worth taking into consideration as well.

All of the offers below I have completed myself, so I can confirm that they credit. If you are having trouble with something crediting. Have a read of Hannah’s guide on things to try when nothing is crediting.

Flight Searches: OfferToro Wall

Branded Surveys: 1pt

Earnably: 1pt

InstantGC: 1.2pts

SwagBucks: 1SB


GummyDrop: OfferToro Download and reach Level 31

BS: Android-81pts iPhone-117pts

Earnably: Android- 79pts iPhone-113pts

IGC: Android- N/A iPhone- 132pts

Swagbucks: Android- 84SB iPhone- 119pts



Magic Slots: Adgate(OfferToro)- Reach Level 15

BS: Android- 72pts (36pts) iPhone- 120pts (50pts)

Earnably: Android- 72pts (35pts) iPhone- 120pts (49pts)

IGC: Android- 55pts (41pts) iPhone- 92pts (57pts)

Swagbucks: Android- 49SB (38SB) iPhone- 51SB (51SB)



GardenScapes: AdGate- Facebook Desktop Game Reach Level 25

BS: 77pts

Earnably: 75pts

IGC: 87pts

Swagbucks: 75SB




War Robots: Adgate (OfferToro)- Download and Reach Level 6

BS: Android- 58pts (40pts) iPhone- 44pts (27pts)

Earnably: Android- 57pts (39pts) iPhone- 37pts (26pts)

IGC: Android- 44pts (46pts) iPhone- 28pts (31pts)

Swagbucks: Android- 38SB (36SB) iPhone- 24SB (26SB)




Nielson Digital Voice: Adgate- Register, Download, Install and Activate

BS: 216pts

Earnably: 216pts

IGC: 165pts

Swagbucks: 144SB



Shoclef: Adgate (OfferToro)- Download Open and Register Android Only

BS: 34pts (24pts)

Earnably: 33pts (23pts)

IGC: 25pts (27pts)

Swagbucks: 22SB (24SB)




Merge Dragons: Adgate- Download and Reach Level 10 Android Only

BS: 66pts


IGC: 50pts

Swagbcks: 40SB




Libertex: Adgate Download and Open Android Only

BS: 10pts

Earnably: 9pts

IGC: 7pts

Swagbucks: 6SB




Full Tilt: Adgate- Download and Open Android Only

BS: 30pts

Earnably: 30pts

IGC: 23pts

Swagbucks: 20SB




As you can see the point values for offers vary across the sites, so it is always worth looking around and comparing before completing an offer. Sometimes there is only a couple of points difference between the sites, but some offers have quite a big point difference.

The point  value of offers can change on a regular basis so they may be slightly different than what is stated above when you go to complete it.

Comment below if you know of any other good offers not mentioned, or mention it in our Facebook Group.

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