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Easy Ways to Earn While Watching TV


The Royal Wedding is today and many of us here in the UK (and around the world) will be glued to our TV’s watching for a glimpse of glitz and glamour.  But..

Sitting on the couch in front of the TV is no excuse to stop earning.  Here are some really easy ways to earn a little extra cash while you feast on all the gloriousness pouring from your TV screen.

Easy Clicks

These don’t require much attention at all, some can be done on your phone though we tend to find it easier to do them on a laptop where you can clear cookies regularly.

  1. Minute Staff – You can find the Minute Staff wall on InstaGC (over 500 only) and Earnably (click the + sign to find MS on Earnably). While the clicks don’t pay much individually, they soon add up.Our favourite tabs on MS are the Click and Target tabs as they’re very simple.  If you’re new to MS, you’d have to earn enough points through the wall to unlock Target but this can easily be done by using the other tabs.
  2. SB Games – Earn 10 SB with a few easy clicks on Swagbucks.  Easily done in front of the TV with no stress whatsoever! Click here for more information about the games.
  3. OfferToro Flight Searches – You can find these searches on Swagbucks, InstaGC, Earnably, Branded Surveys, and pretty much any site that has an Offer Toro wall.  They can only be completed once a day and we suggest hunting around to see who pays out the most for them but they’re very easy and definitely worth spending a minute or two to complete.
  4. Tap & PL DQ’s – Tap Research can be found on InstaGC survey page (over 500 only) and on other sites (PrizeRebel and others) and gives easy, unlimited, DQ points when you don’t qualify for surveys.  While not traditional clicks, they are easy and better than most DQ points.Peanut Labs can also be found on many sites.  We don’t recommend trying for DQ’s on instaGC as they’re inculded in the 10 DQ points a day limit, but all other sites they seem to be unlimited so if you’re looking for points and getting DQ’d anyway, what’s the harm.


These can only be completed once (unless you have more than one device, i.e. an android and an iPhone etc.) across all the sites, so don’t try and do them on Swagbucks and instaGC and Earnably etc. or you may find your points go missing one day…

Here are some easy ones that have worked for us recently.  They won’t take you too long and won’t distract you too much from the TV.

Look around on the different sites to see which walls and which sites pay the best. You can find some comparisons here.

  1. Merge Dragons – Download app and get to level 10.  Took about 45 mins of occasional playing.
  2. War Robots – Download app and reach level 6. Easy enough once you realise you have to use both hands to manoeuvre.
  3. Gardenscapes – Desktop game in your web browser.  Match three until you reach level 25.  Took quite a while but easy enough to do while watching everyone wait until Meghan gets to the church…

There are lots of other games floating around out there that are worth trying plus lots of app downloads that may work too.  Come along and ask us in our group for UK survey site users to see if they’ve worked for others and we’ll be glad to offer a helping hand.


Things you should make sure to check you’ve done!

  1. Branded Surveys daily poll
  2. Swagbucks daily poll
  3. nCraves on Swagbucks could count as easy clicks if you have the patience for them and they continue to be unlimited (no guarantees).
  4. instaGC home screen bonus
  5. instaGC daily sweepstakes


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