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How To Succeed With Get Paid To Sites: Day Five- A Day In The Life Of

Last week I discussed goals, schedules and getting into a good routine, my set up and options on what you can do when things aren’t going to plan.

Then on Friday the 4th of May you had the opportunity to watch me on Instagram by following my Insta Stories. If you did not get an opportunity to see it, you can see my entire day here. Did I manage to make it to goal?



On InstaGC my original goal was 500. I managed a total of 646 points and spent 33 minutes actively on the site.

On Swagbucks my original goal was 101(set by Swagbucks) I managed a total of 311SB and spent just 15 minutes actively on the site, as well as running apps throughout the day for passive earnings, and played a game for about 30 mins whilst watching the telly.

On Prolific I managed a study for £1.50 which took about 5 minutes

On Earnably I only managed 7pts of passive earnings.

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