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How To Succeed With Get Paid To Sites: Day Four- When Things Don’t Go To Plan

You have your goals set, your routine in place, and everything set up and running, but sometimes things just don’t go to plan. If you know something is coming up like a family holiday, or birthday, or maybe even an unexpected trip to the hospital, forget your goals, and just write the day off. Sometimes this needs to be done, and there is nothing you can do about it. There is no point in stressing about missing goal, it is really not worth it. You can always hope for a better day tomorrow, or push yourself a little bit more so you catch up on missed points. There are also some tips you can try to still try and reach your target.



All of the sites have recommended partners/ offers pages, which can be a great way for extra points. When I am struggling to reach my goal I always check the Facebook Group out as our amazing members are always sharing the fantastic offers they find. I will have a read of the Swagbucks Discover thread and the InstaGC Discover thread to see if there is a quick and easy offer I can take advantage of. I check and keep a list of all the good discover offers, and will save them for a day when I am struggling, or just want an easy day.

If you are going to take advantage of an offer available on one of the sites, make sure to read the conditions of the offer. If there is a free trial you are considering taking advantage of, make a note of it and remember to cancel it after you have been credited your points so that you don’t end up being charged. It is also important to remember that sometimes points for an offer pend, so if you are completing it just to reach goal, make sure that the points aren’t going to pend for a certain amount of time, and then not go towards your daily goal.


I always try and reach my first daily goal set by Swagbucks, as I like the bonus at the end of the month. Although I have goals for all of the other sites, Swagbucks is the only one that I make sure I reach every day so as to get the bonus. With the other sites I will just work harder another day and focus on an average daily goal.

If I am really struggling with Swagbucks and first goal is really high and I haven’t been around to reset apps or I am nowhere near goal and need some extra points, then I will consider swagstakes. I only do this if I really don’t think there is any chance of me reaching goal, as there is a minimal risk to it as well. Have a read here of how Swagstakes can help you reach goal.


Tomorrow you will get to see everything I have explained this week in action. Follow me on Instagram where I will be uploading videos for you to see how I set it all up, and whether or not I manage to reach my goals by the end of the day, and if things aren’t going to plan then the back up ideas I have in mind so as to reach my targets.


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