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How To Succeed With Get Paid To Sites: Day Three- Set Up

So your goals are set, and you have looked at your schedule for the week and started formulating a routine. Now it is time to look at the devices you own and how to get the most out of them.

There are so many different passive earning opportunities available across all of the sites, it is important to take advantage of them all.

This is easier to do if you have spare devices available, so if you don’t already have one I would highly recommend getting a cheap spare phone to run things on, especially the Swagbucks apps, as these can take all day to run if there are several ads, so it frees up your phone. You can find a cheap phone that is recommended by several on our Facebook Group here.

My Set Up:

I have a Kindle Fire tablet that I use specifically for the Swagbucks Apps. I leave this next to my kettle and can check on it everytime I go and make a cup of tea or prepare a meal, or walk through the kitchen.

At the moment I am running and Video Loyalty on Earnably, and on my main laptop as they don’t take up much processing power, and it is the one I sit behind the most so can easily check to make sure they are running and crediting. They run in separate windows and then I will have another window on top of them so I can check the Facebook Group and check for surveys whilst the videos just run in the background. The laptop is set up downstairs as it allows me easy access to it to check everything is running as and when I walk passed it. It also easy easy to sit at and complete a quick survey as and when I have time.

When  I am not banned, I use an iPad to run one of the InstaGC playlists, and a spare phone to run the other one. I can easily refresh them through-out the day until I am capped or banned. If I am banned then I will use the iPad to complete games on.

Then throughout the day I use my laptop and mobile phone to check for and complete surveys and other offers. I appreciate not everyone will have this many spare devices lying around, but if you can get hold of a cheap phone or tablet to use on wifi to run the apps or videos it is definitely worth it.

Leave a comment letting us know what your set up is like, and if you have any other passive earning tips.


Check back tomorrow when I will be discussing what to do when things don’t go to plan.

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