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How To Succeed With Get Paid To Sites: Day Two- Routines ** Updated

** Update – the Branded Surveys poll streak mentioned in this post is no longer available – find out more about this by reading about the changes Branded Surveys have made**

Yesterday I talked about Goals, so now you should have a clear set of achievable targets ready to start the month with. The next important thing is to get a good routine going. Routine is key for get paid to success, and if you don’t have a routine yet it is important to put one in place now.


To set up a routine, the first thing you need to do is to look at your weekly schedule. What days and times work best for you, and when are you readily available. If you work or have other commitments make a note of these days and times and work them into your schedule. Everyone’s routine will be different, so you need to work out what is best for you.

If you wake up and make a tea/coffee at a particular time every morning, this would be a good time to set an app running or to set videos going. Commute to work, add checking for surveys at this time into your schedule. As well as convenient times, schedule in the times that are inconvenient, by doing this you will allow yourself to see what time is and isn’t available and you will put less stress on yourself.

Some days you will have more free time than others, so this is why I use the word on average. Some days I have more free time, so know I will earn more those days, and some days I might get lucky with a certain offer, or an extra payment I wasn’t expecting from a group study, this then means I can put less stress on other days that week. I will plan in things like SB bonuses, for example the Swago bonus will get me 300 points, so I plan into my schedule the day I will submit, for a day when I know I am going to be busy and have less time for active earning.


Mondays and Tuesdays are my best days for earning whereas Wednesdays and Fridays are more difficult as I have my youngest home with me and I look after my niece, so I put a lot more effort in on a Monday and Tuesday so I know in the back of my mind I can relax more on a Wednesday and Friday. Working from home helps, as I am behind the computer anyways so can check more frequently. Weekends are always hit and miss as surveys are more scarce at a weekend, and things like family outings have to be taken into consideration.

As I know Mondays and Tuesdays are easier I am going to use a Friday as an example. You will be able to see this live on Day 5 by following my InstaStory on Instagram.

I wake at 6am and whilst waiting for the kettle to boil I will set one of the Swagbucks Apps running(if I haven’t managed to finish playing them the night before) Or I set the playlists running for InstaGC on my tablet and spare phone. Once tea is made I sit behind my laptop and set Engage and Video Loyalty running on Earnably as they are worth the most points on this site. I then check the InstaGC surveys page to see if there are any surveys available and attempt them, I also check to see if there are any surveys available on Swagucks. At 7am my children wake and I get them ready for school breakfast, packed lunches dressed etc. and every now and then I check to make sure my apps and videos are still running and crediting and refresh as necessary. To find out more about the Swagbucks video apps read here.

When I return from the school run I give my youngest a snack and whilst he is eating I go on Swagbucks and make a start on the to do list. I set nCraves running and whilst that is running I will quickly do the daily poll and little bits in the to do list you need to click on, and a quick flight search to tick off discover. If my son is still eating I will search the sites to see if there are any surveys available. I also check the Facebook Group to see if there are any good surveys or discovers available other users have had success with. I have distill set up for Prolific that alerts me if any surveys are available throughout the day. Read here to find out more about distill.

I will then play with my son until he goes down for his nap at roughly 1pm, checking every now and then to make sure videos are still running and crediting, and change the Swagbucks apps over as necessary.

Once my son goes down for a nap it is a great time to check for surveys. I check my daily totals on all the sites and see which one I need to work on the most, and just keep refreshing the surveys page and cross my fingers I manage to get lucky with some. I just want to point out that I really don’t like surveys, and so only really complete the ones that are less than 10 minutes, or are of a really high point value, or if I am really struggling to hit my goals.

At 3pm I do the school run, and I know that I don’t have much more time until all the kids are in bed to really sit behind the computer, so I don’t schedule in any active earning during this time. Sometimes I do get lucky and all the kids are entertained, and I might have a minute or two for a survey. InstaGC is great for quick and easy surveys, so this is the site I would check if I do get an opportunity.

The kids are all in bed by 9pm. I will usually sit down and check all of my earnings across the sites, and if I have managed to reach my goal by this point already then I might just have a relaxed evening in front of the telly, checking Facebook regularly to see if there are any quick and easy surveys mentioned by anyone that I can attempt.

I go on Branded Surveys right before bed and complete the daily poll so as to keep up my poll streak to get the bonus points. I will also attempt any surveys that are available, as even though I get disqualified by most they do pay out the highest for DQ points.

Throughout the evening I will just check the apps and videos to make sure they are still running and crediting and restart as necessary.


Make sure to check in tomorrow as I will be discussing set up, and how to get the most out of the devices you own.

Some days just don’t go to plan though, and sometimes you just have to accept this. On Day 4 I will be discussing some tips on how to reach your goals, when things aren’t going to plan.


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