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National Biscuit Day! Will you get a sweet search win from our post?

So, today is National Biscuit Day (if you ask me, every day should be Biscuit Day but hey ho).

So in honour of the most wonderful of accompaniments to tea and coffee, check out our search links below and see if you can get a Swagbucks search win. Don’t forget, as well as giving you precious points, a search win also ticks off the ‘earn points from search’ box on your Swago board, and you may even have a double up Swagup from Spin & Win!

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Whether you’re a Digestive lover, a Hob-Nob fancier or of the school of thought that a Jaffa Cake is indeed a biscuit not a cake, there’s a biscuit out there for you.

According to a survey run by Mcvities, the type of biscuit you like tells us more about the person you are – are any of these true for you?

Digestive lovers are most likely to…

Describe themselves as ‘fun-loving

Watch Hollyoaks

Wish they were a little bit wiser

Cite Frozen’s Elsa as their favourite Disney Character

Invite Cara Delevingne out for a drink

Milk Chocolate Digestive lovers are most likely to…

Go on beach holidays to Spain

Watch Coronation Street

Class themselves as a ‘kind’ person

Live in London

Want to take David Beckham out for a drink

Rich Tea lovers are most likely to…

Head to Paris for culture and romance for their holidays

Describe themselves as shy

Enjoy watching The Only Way Is Essex

Wish they were funnier

Live in East Anglia

Jaffa Cake lovers are most likely to…

Want to go for a drink with Joey Essex

Describe themselves as ‘cheeky’

Watch Geordie Shore

Wish they were more responsible

Claim their favourite dessert is banoffee pie

Hobnob lovers are most likely to…

Be 36 years old

Choose to holiday amongst the bright lights of Las Vegas

Describe themselves as ‘funny’

Invite James Corden for a drink

Watch Eastenders

Ginger Nut lovers are most likely to …

Be female

Wish they were more sophisticated

Most want to hang out with Russell Brand and Adele

Describe themselves as ‘feisty’

Take a trip to Tokyo for their holiday

Fruit Shortcake lovers are most likely to…

Describe themselves as ‘charming’

Choose a ‘staycation’ in the UK over holidays abroad

Watch Neighbours

Wish they were more patient

Live in the North West of England

Come and tell us in the Facebook group which is your favourite biscuit, and whether McVitie’s got it right with their descriptions above? And of course, let us know if you got a search win!

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