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Reached 500 points on InstaGC- What’s New

So you have finally managed to smash through the 500 point barrier on InstaGC, now things are going to get a whole lot easier. As you might have been aware, several areas of the site are locked, until you have reached 500 points. Now you have accomplished that, you will see things look slightly different, and there are extra earning opportunities available.



One of the easiest ways to earn on InstaGC is with surveys, and there is an abundance of survey opportunities available.


On the InstaGC wall, which can be found by clicking EarnRecommendedInstaGC, there are several survey opportunities available. There are limits as to how often you can complete these surveys though. Read more about them here.



Then there is the survey wall, which can be found by clicking EarnSurveys

Here you will find several different surveys that are available. It will tell you how long the survey takes and how many points it is for. The survey wall changes regularly so keep checking back throughout the day, and look out for alerts for easy surveys in the new chat facility.

Tap Research, which can be found on the main survey wall, is great for extra points too. You can read more about Tap Research here.


InstaGC Chat:

You will notice that there is now a Chat feature available. On desktop this can be seen on the right hand side, just under your Goal and above the Ticker. If on mobile click the three lines in the top left, and you will find Chat under the Widget section. The Chat is a great feature to be able to use, as a lot of people will post in here when they find an easy to complete survey, or warn against one. You might have heard people talking about 1 question surveys, or Lucids, which is a Your Surveys (YS) survey that is only one question to complete. Instant surveys, which can be found on the Trial Pay wall under Tap Research, are also usually announced in the chat. Every so often Point Booster Codes are given out here as well, although you have to be very quick to get them. You can open the chat in a separate window, which allows you to have it open and do other things on the site at the same time.


Minute Staff:


Minute Staff, which is a new wall under EarnRecommended, offers really easy and simple tasks like just clicking and visiting a website. They are only worth a small amount of points, but are very easy to complete and help to build up your weekly bonus percentage quickly.


Hang My Ads(mobile only):


There is a new wall now available under EarnRecommended called Hang My Ads. This wall has several offers, but the best offers are the really easy App Download and Open offers. They usually offer a good point value just for opening them as well, so always worth looking and seeing if there are any new offers available.



CPALead(mobile only):


Another new wall under Earn- Recommended called CPA-Lead is now available. There are several different offers available here including app downloads, although it can be hit or miss as to weather you will get credited.




With all of these new ways of earning, you should easily be able to increase how much you earn with InstaGC every month.


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