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gptgenies_royalwedding2_square_transThe day has finally arrived and Chelsea and Manchester United will be kicking off at “What? That’s the wrong event? But no one’s interested in… Fine!!!” Let’s start again.

The day has finally arrived and Harry and Meghan will be walking up the aisle, meeting at the altar, and getting married! Yes, it’s the day of the Royal Wedding!

We’ve put together a few questions to help you learn a little more about Harry, Meghan, and the wedding so click on our search links and see if you can find the answers to our Royal Wedding Quiz!

Let’s get searching!

  1. Where is the wedding taking place?
  2. What time does the wedding start?
  3. Who is Harry’s best man?
  4. Who will be the bridesmaids?
  5. Who is walking Meghan down the aisle?
  6. What is Harry’s real name?
  7. What is Meghan’s first name?
  8. What is Harry’s military rank?
  9. Harry is the most “what” royal in the UK?
  10. Which TV show is Meghan most famous for?

Come and let us know in our Facebook group if you got a search win and if you knew the answers!

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