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Teacher Appreciation Week: A chance to thank those that have helped and inspired on GPT sites

I decided to take part in teacher appreciation week this year, as after 7 long years I finally graduated. Whilst thinking back to all the teachers that helped me along on my journey, I also got to thinking about how I funded that journey, and part of the money towards my degree came from what I earned on GPT sites. So I think it is also important to recognise all the teachers that helped me along my way in that respect as well.

I found it a struggle when I first started looking into survey sites. Endless questions going around my head. Which site do I choose? Is this site a genuine one? How much money can I make from it and how? Where do I begin?

At the beginning I wasn’t making much money and it felt like a waste of time. Then I stumbled across the Facebook Group- UK Swagbucks And More, and everything changed.

With a growing community of nearly 9000 members there is always someone that will know the answer to your question or be able to offer advice. It is a friendly group where several members provide as much help and support as they can and has helped to increase the earning potential for not only myself but for many more.

How members of the group are thankful to other members…

From how to get more out of a site you already use

Alerting people to codes and surveys that are available

And just keeping people going and inspiring others when things are tough or someone is having a bad day.

So THANK YOU to all of our fantastic members and all the support and advice you give.


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