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Ten things you (probably) didn’t know about Branded Surveys ** Updated

** Update – Some things have changed on Branded Surveys, so while a lot of the below still stands (so please read it), the following has changed: You no longer get more points for the Daily Poll if you are Silver or Gold Elite, there is no longer a Daily Poll streak and there is no longer a 10% lifetime referral earnings bonus – read more about this here. **

Branded Surveys (formerly known as Mintvine) takes a bit of a backseat to the other main GPT sites, but when used well can be a great earner, and if you can spare a few minutes a day to add it into your GPT repertoire, you’ll soon see you can earn well from it alongside other sites.

Not a member? You can join Branded Surveys here.

Here are 10 things you may or may not know about Branded Surveys:

There’s a Daily Poll

Even if you never do anything else on Branded Surveys, the Daily Poll can earn you up to $5 a month for just 2 seconds of your time a day. As a basic (Bronze member) you get 5 points a day for the poll and 25 points if you complete 10 in a row. As you rise up the ranks (more about that later) the points increase.

Read more about the Daily Poll on Branded Surveys here.

You get better DQ points than most sites

That 1SB DQ point from Swagbucks is great, and we all love the Tap DQ points on InstaGC, but for basic DQ points with no faffing, I love Branded surveys. I’ve had anything from 1 point up to 50 points for DQing from a Branded Surveys survey, but I have heard rumours of 70 points – and they clear immediately which can be a great boost if you’re just a few points away from that cashout level.

So stop ignoring and deleting those Branded Surveys emails, a few clicks and you could be adding to your points balance without even having to complete a survey.

It’s slow to start

When you first start it’s easy to be discouraged on Branded Surveys, as all survey points pend for 14 days. That means it can seem like a long hard slog to get to the 1000 points cashout criteria. But stick with it – once you’re into a routine, points will be clearing every day and you’ll soon see that you can cash out more regularly.

1000 points is $10 to Paypal, or to a number of giftcards (including my favourite, Pizza Express). Payment takes around 5 days, sometimes quicker, and currently $10 Paypal is showing as #7.31 in my pending withdrawals.

The more surveys you do, the better points you get

Branded Surveys runs an ‘Elite membership’ system upon where you become a Bronze Elite member on joining. The more surveys or offers that you do, the more points you earn towards becoming a Silver and then Gold Elite member. 10 points from surveys or offers gives you one credit towards your membership level. You need 60 credits to get to Silver and 210 credits to get to Gold.

Once you achieve either of the higher levels, the points increase for tasks that you do, as you can see from the table below.

You can skip surveys with no penalty

While the survey offers via email are often quite high points, the ones on the site itself can often be lower points than you would like. But no need to worry, you can skip surveys with no penalty and you won’t be offered them again.

But here’s where Branded Surveys are different – not only can you skip the surveys, you can tell them why you skipped them! Too long for your liking? Let them know! You’re not spending 15 minutes for 30 measly points? Let them know! They say this feedback helps them for future surveys, but even if it doesn’t, it makes me feel better to let them know how unrealistic some of the offers are!

EngagemeTV runs quicker for Branded Surveys

Lots of us run EngagemeTV for Instagc or Earnably, Swagbucks or Grabpoints, but in our recent study, we found that it credits more quickly on Branded Surveys, with you having to sit through fewer ads in order to receive points. The table below shows the comparison and you can read more about it here

They have offer walls too

While Branded Surveys have fewer offer walls than some of the other GPT sites, often the points available can be slightly better. So it’s worth checking there before doing an offer on another site if you’ve seen it on OfferToro, Personaly, PeanutLabs, Adwall, TrialPay or AdGate.

They have ‘The Complete Challenge’

The Complete Challenge is a daily, weekly and monthly draw to win additional points. You will automatically be submitted for Complete challenges when you complete a survey.

The amount of entries you receive depends on the Elite membership level you are at – each survey you complete will earn you 1 ticket if you are a Bronze member, 2 for Silver and 3 for Gold.

It seems that the prizes for these Challenges vary, but it’s an extra chance for extra points with no extra effort.

Bonus points can be awesome

In much the same way as there are points awarded for completing 10 polls in a row, there are also extra points up for grabs if you complete a certain number of surveys in a certain number of days.

Once you reach Silver membership, completing 10 surveys in 7 days will get you an extra 100 points. Completing 30 surveys in 7 days gets you an extra 150 points. This rises to 200 and 300 points respectively if you are a Gold member. Those points add up!

Their referral scheme is confusing, but worth it

When they were Mintvine, Branded Surveys had one of the most lucrative referral schemes out there. However that has now changed slightly. You still get 10% of your referrals earnings for life (on surveys and offers only). But the signup bonus (that used to be 50 points per referral) has changed.

Now, in order to get a bonus, both you and your referral have to reach Silver Elite Membership. Once your referral reaches Silver, if you are Silver you get a bonus of 50 points. But if you are Gold, you get a whopping 200 points, so it’s definitely worth going for Gold!

So, while it may not become your biggest earner, I think Branded Surveys is still worth thinking about – it’s kept me in Pizza Express vouchers for a good few months and while I wasn’t sure at first about the changeover from Mintvine, I’m pretty much sold. You can join here if you’re not already a member.

Did you learn something new from the points above? Were you not convinced before but now want to become a Branded Surveys member? Come over to the GPT Genies Facebook group and let us know, or leave your comments below.

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