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Pollpass – it’s like chatting to a friend, but making money for doing it!

Slightly different to the usual GPT and survey sites, Pollpass is a quick and easy one to do when you have a few minutes spare. It’s available via your web browser on Android and iOS, as well as being accessible online via a laptop.

As the title of this post  suggests, it’s just like chatting to a friend in Facebook Messenger or via Skype text chat. The whole tone is conversational and at times pretty amusing too.

Read on to find out how to register, the types of questions you’ll see, how much it is to cashout and how easy it is to earn from Pollpass.

(Please note, there are no referrals for this site, so the only money you make from it will be from your own work)

How do I get started on Pollpass?

To sign up to Pollpass, simply go to on your phone or laptop browser. You’ll be asked to sign up via Facebook, Google+ or email – I chose to use Facebook as it makes things a little easier.

You’ll need to give Pollpass access to your Facebook account, but it doesn’t post on your behalf or anything nefarious like that, so I just went ahead and said yes. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, then the email sign up option is probably better for you.

Once you’re signed up, Pollpass will ask for your date of birth, pop that in and click ‘Sign Up’ and away you go!

How do I answer questions on Pollpass?

When I said earlier it’s like chatting to a friend, it really is. If you use Facebook messenger to chat to friends and family then it will all feel very familiar to you.

The first few questions will be about you, as they’re setting up your profile – and it’s a lot more fun than the interminable checkboxes we’re usually faced with!

Questions could be one click answers:

Or they could be multiple choice answers:

Occasionally there a text answers too where you have to type your answer, but these seem to be few and far between.

How do I get points on Pollpass?

Every time you answer a question, your points will go up by 10. The more questions you answer, the more points you’ll add to your balance.

Your balance is shown in the top right corner of your screen:

You can see here I have 860 points so since I last cashed out I have answered 86 questions, which on a ‘normal’ survey would seem like a chore, but because I can dip in and out of this one when I have some free time, it really hasn’t been at all.

How many points do I need to cash out on Pollpass?

3000 points is £3. Yep that’s 300 questions to answer, and I know it sounds like a lot, but think how many you answer to cash out on other sites and it isn’t a lot at all. And because it’s so easy to answer them, it won’t seem like a big task, I promise you.

I reached my first cashout in a few days, just dipping in and out when I had a few minutes to spare. It’s been slower since that first one, I will admit, but I’ve been busy and not checked in as much.

You can cash out any amount above 3000 points, and you will receive the full amount of points in pounds and pence. So you can see here I cashed out 5018 points in April for £5.18.

The money is sent directly to your Paypal account, and mine arrived within around 4 days, although it does say it can take up to 7.

Does Pollpass ever run out of questions?

Unfortunately yes, but they do add new questions quite regularly and email you when they’re available so you shouldn’t miss out.

If you’re in our GPT Genies Facebook group, members regularly post in there when new questions are released, and you can also follow Pollpass on Twitter and like their Facebook page to be alerted when there are new questions added.

So if you’re looking for another earner to add into your ‘easy’ list, Pollpass could be the one for you. I’d especially recommend it if you like Vypr, as it reminds me a little of that.

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