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Spelling Bee Quiz Answers

Survey sites like Swagbucks, InstaGC, Earnably and Branded Surveys all have offer walls where you can complete offers through partner companies, including RadiumOne, Personaly, AdgateRewards and others. Quizzes are a popular way of getting some easy points on the survey sites,  but you need to be able to get 100% correct answers on the quizzes in order to receive points. Below you will find answers to one of the quizzes, to save you time and hassle.

The location of the quizzes can change, so please leave a comment stating which wall and for which site you completed the quiz on, and for how many points, as this will help other people find it quicker.

A  list of all Quiz Answers can be found here.

Spelling Bee Spot The Difference QUIZ ANSWERS:

Q1: Whisper

Q2: Palace

Q3: Hummingbird

Q4: A restaurant

Q5: Principal

Q6: Vegetarian

Q7: Referee

Q8: A village

Q9: Python

Q10: Foreign

Q11: Willn’t

Q12: Thief

Q13: The Caribbean

Q14. An auction

Q15: Receipt

Q16: The teacher had a good effect on the boy’s grades.

Q17: Broccoli

Q18: Bicycle

Q19: Playwright

Q20: Any

Q21: February

Q22: Baguette

Q23: Temperature

Q24: Embarrassed

Q25: The stars winked at me.

Q26: Who’s books do these belong to?

Q27: Pomegranate

Q28: Handkerchief

Q29: A psychiatrist

Q30: Pharaoh

Q31: Prosciutto

Q32: My love is like a red rose.

Q33: The rules are, there are no rules.

Q34: Prejudice

Q35: Pteradactyl

Q36: Otorhinolaryngologist

Q37: Archaeologist

Q38: There’s less apples in the garden today.

Q39: Okay, who do you agree with? 

Q40: Axolotl





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